The Heart of Ruhuna

Number of days: 6 nights — 7 days
Season: Autumn-Winter-Spring 2019/2020
Special event: Yes
Seasonal supplements: New Year's, see the table for calculating the tour cost
Complimentary Promotion: Group Leader — Free
Flight / Arrival: by Travel Agency or independently
Flight info: Travel agency or self-transfer to Lankarus
Food: Breakfasts included
Cost of the tour per 1 guest: 880 USD

Ruhuna is a medieval Sinhalese kingdom, located on the southern territory of Sri Lanka in the region of Hambantota, and was part of the Sinhalese State. The border of Ruhuna passed along the rivers Kalu and Mahaweli. The capital of Ruhuna — the city of Magama — was in the area between the two towns Ambalantota and Tissamaharama. The current Ambalantota is located in the immediate vicinity, in the home zone of Lankarus. In those days, due to the difficult reach, Ruhuna often became the place of formation of forces fighting with foreign conquerors. And since the XVI century Ruhuna became part of the Kandy State, leaving behind a myriad of treasures of cultural, architectural, musical and archaeological heritage.
But even before the emergence, existence and prosperity of the kingdom of Ruhuna, it was this part of ancient Sri Lanka already abounded with historical and archeological artifacts, sometimes sensational, exciting the minds of scientists around the world. In addition to history and culture, this territory has special, unique climatic conditions, which contributed to the natural appearance of wetlands, salt lakes, bird sanctuaries, lagoons and unlike anything luxurious nature. The home region of Lankarus is a unique fairy tale from the heritage of the great Ruhuna's past and magnificent opportunities for first-class exotic tourism today. The tour we offer is exactly that suitable opportunity.


Day 01 Arrival — Transfer

Arrival to the international airport Bandaranaike in Katunayake (Colombo) or to the airport Mattala in Hambantota. You will be met and assisted upon arrival by the Lankarus staff at the airport. Then your exciting trip to the deep south will take place Sri Lanka, in the area between Tangalle and Hambantota, the place of your accommodation in the hotel for the duration of your stay on the tour program. This is the seaside scenic area Rekawa — Kahandamodara — Kalamatiya.

Greeting, accommodation at the hotel, meeting with guide to get acquainted with the upcoming program of excursions and leisure.
Free time for rest after flight and transfer to the hotel

Night at the hotel Turtle Bay or Villa Modara or Seven Turtles

Day 02 Kalamatiya — Rekawa

After breakfast at the hotel, excursion to the picturesque unique lagoon in Kalamatiya, which represents the tropical vegetation of the semi-dry zone of Sri Lanka. Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary is a haven for over 180 species of endemic and migratory birds, dozens of species of fish and reptiles. On the way, a short survey of the Buddhist Dagoba in Kalamatiya.

After the tour, return to the hotel. Free daytime.
In the evening, a trip to the village of Rekawa which is one of the few places in the world where five kinds of rare sea turtles go to the deserted beach to lay eggs. This is a very touching excursion.

Night at the hotel Turtle Bay or Villa Modara or Seven Turtles

Lankarus Lankarus

Day 03 Bata Atha — Ussangoda

After breakfast at the hotel, a trip to Bata Atha Botanical Garden.
Now the garden collection is thousands of species and varieties of plants, trees, flowers, herbs and shrubs from around the world. Of particular interest you will certainly call the Orchid House and a collection of variegated flowering plants. Orchids conquer everyone, even relatively indifferent to the colors of the visitor. The peculiarity of the collection of Bata Atha is that in the Orchid House you will see many local species of orchids that are not found anywhere else in the world. Where else you can see first hand how mangoes, coconuts, rambutans, lychees, pineapples, tamarinds, guavas and dozens of other tropical fruit trees grow!

After your visit to the botanical garden, a short break for lunch at the Bata Atha Cafe.

Transfer to Ussangoda. Ussangora is a place of natural beauty and one of the main points of archaeological excavations, located on the road to the sacred Kataragama at Nonagama Junction. This place is also a nature reserve and is located in the southern turtle breeding zone. Ussangoda is a stretch of highland on the ocean coast, which spreads over a considerable area. But unlike the landscapes around it, it is covered only with herbs, several kinds of small shrubs and thorny cacti. Ussangoda is a place of unusual composition and structure of the soil, as well as flora, and, actually, the location itself. Among the local Sinhala population there are a lot of folk stories connected with this place. The general essence of the stories and the faith of people is that the Ussangoda plateau is part of a meteorite that once fell down in antiquity here, and the epicenter of the fall itself is nearby. The main evidence for this belief is the soil of the color of red brick with a huge amount of impurity of the fused iron, which gives the soil a characteristic reddish color, which is unique for this plot of land. Some rocks and soil layers contain what, as some believe, are traces of extreme heat (caused by an event such as a meteorite fall). According to the researchers, the composition of the soil and the fused rock indicates a colossally high concentration of minerals / metals. Crushed stone has a high concentration of iron. Ussangoda Beach is an unrivaled beauty place for photographing and bathing.

Night at the hotel Turtle Bay or Villa Modara or Seven Turtles

Lankarus Lankarus

Day 04 Madunagala — Kahandawa

After breakfast at the hotel, excursion to Madunagala Hot Springs. Water sources have incredible healing power, curing skin diseases, as well as eye diseases. In ancient times, when monks lived in neighboring monasteries and cave temples, they took baths here to heal psoriasis, skin eczema and rheumatic diseases. Even today, devotees of the Buddha Teaching believe that the baths have the strongest energy. They are convinced that skin diseases or a rash can disappear only after several bathing sessions.
Firstly, pure hot waters are collected in a large pool, where they are mixed with cold water. Then the water is poured into the pools made for visitors. But if you are a brave man, you can experience not cooled water, but enjoy yourself in naturally hot water. Early in the morning, you will see many species of birds in the sky. A small aquarium and several cages for several species of birds and rabbits can be seen in Madunagala from the side of the brooks located in the side. Since the place attracts many visitors, the place is equipped with toilets, locker rooms and small shops for tourists.
The temple in Madunagala is built on a picturesque huge boulder in a place that is covered with jungle. Here you can optionally see several caves, which in ancient times were inhabited by monks, as well as several pools with clear water for monks. The surrounding forest is a wonderful home for wild elephants, bears, deer, etc.

After the trip to Madunagala, return to the hotel. Daytime free time.
In the evening a trip to the temple of Kahandawa.

Kahandawa Purana Rajamaha Viharaya is an ancient Buddhist temple located in the area of Kahandava in Rekawa. Vihara goes back to the early period of Anuradhapura. This is evidenced by inscriptions in the Old Sinhalese language, carved in stone on the writing of brahmi, found on the site of the temple. According to legends, the temple got its name from the yellow eel. As they say, the eel of yellow color was the keeper of the treasures enclosed inside the ancient temple daghoba. The rock on which the Dagoba was founded still keeps three inscriptions relating to the II-III centuries AD. Remains in some caves of the temple indicate that Buddhist monks found shelter here during the fixed historical period of time. But recent research conducted by the Department of Archeology of Sri Lanka, proved the fact that there were prehistoric settlements of people in the caves.
From the top of the temple on the hill are breathtaking views of villages, fields, coconut plantations and the Indian Ocean. Having met the sunset on a rock, its beauty will be simply impossible to describe in words. Kahandawa is one of the most romantic places in Sri Lanka for admiring the sunsets!

Night at the hotel Turtle Bay or Villa Modara or Seven Turtles

Lankarus Lankarus

Day 05 Mulkirigala

Mulkirigala — Great royal temple in the eponymous ancient the town of Mulkirigala. It is located in the district of Hambantota, 21 km. from Tangalle, 35 km. from The Islander Villa, Kahandamodara, 38 km. from Turtle Bay, Kalamatiya, 34 km. from Seven Turtles Hotel, Rekawa.
The British called the rock «Small Sigiriya». By beauty, luxury of painting and buildings, antiquity and historical and architectural value, the Mulkirigala temple is not inferior to the famous cave temple in Dambulla, and in some senses, and in the opinion of many specialists and guests, even surpasses the Dambulla temple in filling and picturesqueness of the location. In addition, the temple of Mulkirigala is not so overrun by tourists, which makes his visit tiring and not heapy. And this is only one of the merits of Mulkirigala. At the end of the III century. BC. The temple was laid by King Kavantissa. There is a version that the same king installed a golden statue of Buddha in a large cave under a rock. In the II century BC. King Saddatissa, the youngest son of King Kavantissa, continued the construction of the temple. Historical records indicate that during the reindeer hunting Saddattissa encountered wild Veddas, the indigenous ancient inhabitants of Sri Lanka, who told him that this mountain is an ideal place for a Buddhist monastery. After this, Saddatissa built a large temple complex… From the top of the rock, breathtaking panoramic views of the surroundings open. One of the ideal places for unique photographs.

Night at the hotel Turtle Bay or Villa Modara or Seven Turtles

Lankarus Lankarus

Day 06 of Kahandamodara — Rekawa

After breakfast, take a boat trip along the picturesque tropical lagoon Kahandamodara.
The name of the place «Kahandamodara» in translation from Sinhala means «Golden Delta» ". Why locals called this place exactly like this, you will understand having visited the lagoon.
This is a unique ecosystem that combines the Urubokka Oya River and a natural lagoon with brackish oceanic water. The origins of Urubokka Oya begin with streams in the low-lying areas of the Ruhuna area, flow through the town of Ranna, gaining strength, and spill into a deep river, meeting with the lagoon, and ending with the ocean — on a natural separation site between Kahandamodara and Rekawa. The lagoon will amaze you with a variety of vegetation of freshwater and brackish water reservoirs — water coconuts and water hyacinths, lilies, lotuses, water lilies — all this will meet you on the way along water surfaces. The river and the lagoon are habitats of herons, myriads of endemic and migratory birds. On the shores live langurs, water and semi-aquatic reptiles — two species of lizards, crocodiles, turtles and many other animals. The location of the confluence of the lagoon with the ocean leaves an indelible impression. One of the most beautiful places for photographing paradise places in nature.

After a walk along the river and the lagoon, transfer to Rekawa batik factory.

It is Sri Lankan batik — the most ancient. According to the chronicles, in Sri Lanka the batik existed, like hand-written, elegant clothes for royalty, back in the 6th century AD. Batik is a technique for using beeswax when staining a tissue with plant paints, which is able to resist dyeing on those parts of the fabric where the waxman applies wax. Batik is made by the method of drawing dots and lines manually with a pencil, or using a waxing wax tool called «skew.» A more rare technique is to print a copper cap stamp. Only beeswax is used, which resists dyes, and therefore allows the specialist to apply a fragment of the pattern selectively to the desired tissue site in one color. Then, removing the wax in boiling water, the fabric is dried, and the master repeats the staining of other areas and other colors, if several colors are desired or needed. You will personally get acquainted with the fascinating traditional technique of painting on fabric and with your own eyes you will see how real works of art are born in single copies.

Night at the hotel Turtle Bay or Villa Modara or Seven Turtles

Lankarus Lankarus

Day 07 Tangalle — Colombo Airport

After breakfast, transfer to Tangalle — the administrative capital of the area.
Free shopping program and independent inspection of the city.

On return — beach holiday, preparation for an evening transfer to Colombo airport.

A representative of Lankarus will accompany you to airport.

End of tour

Lankarus Lankarus

The tour costings include:
• Meeting, seeing off — transfer to the airport and tour along the route with an air-conditioned micro bus / bus (with guide)
• Accommodation in a double room and meals based on the room + breakfast. Lunches and dinners are available at an additional cost.
• Admission tickets to Bata Atha Botanical Garden, Mulkirigala Temple, Madunagala Hot Springs, payment for boat rental in the Kahandamodara Lagoon.
• State duty (Service Charge 10%, VAT 15%, TDL 1%, NBT 2%)

The tour does not include:
• Personal expenses for beach holidays
• Meals not indicated in the program, as well as lunches and dinners on request in hotels
• Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in hotels
• Tipping to drivers and guides, personal expenses; as well as other services not included in the tour.

It is necessary to agree on the availability of a sufficient number of rooms / beds in the hotel by prior request for a tour. All the below-mentioned sums of the tour cost are indicated on the basis of ONE guest in the room for two.

Calculation of the cost of the tour for special requirements and optional offers — at your request.
Send your request hereto:

Significant seasonal group discounts and discounts for students!

Complementary action of the Season 2019-2020.

The Heart of Ruhuna tour by Lankarus for free!

Conditions for obtaining complimentary bonuses from Lankarus:

— When recruiting at least 12 people, the team leader or representative of the travel company is exempted from paying the cost of food, accommodation and payment of entrance tickets on the entire route.
Team leader pays only travel on the entire route and air travel.

— In groups from 16 to 20 people the head of the group is completely exempted from paying the tour, except for air travel. Lankarus takes care of the payment for meals, accommodation, excursions and travel all along the route.

— Validation period: until April 15, 2020.

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