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Number of days: 06 nights — 07 days
Season: Winter 2019/2020
Special event: Yes
Complimentary Promotion: Group Leader — Free!
Seasonal supplements: No
Flight / Arrival: by Travel Agency or independently
Flight / Information: Travel agency or self-data transfer to Lankarus
Meals plan: Half Board / Beach Area — Full Board

The Romans called Sri Lanka the island Taprobana, Arabs — Serendib , the British — Ceylon. And the inhabitants since the time of Ramayana gave it the name Sri Lanka — the Sacred Land. This is the country of Buddhist shrines, lost in the jungles of ancient cities, exotic animals and precious stones. To list all wealth of Sri Lanka is impossible. And, as they say, it is better to see once… It is possible, even for a very meek, but full time, because during this time you can visit the most important historical and natural sights.
Day 01 Arrival — Yapahuwa — Dambulla
Arrival by the morning flight to the international airport of Colombo. Meeting to the guide of Lankarus.
Transfer to the hotel in Sigiriya / Dambulla.

On the way visit to the ancient city of Yapahuwa.
Yapahuwa is located 45 km. to the north of the city of Kurunegala. In the 13th century for 12 years, this city was the capital of the ancient Sinhalese state. However, for a short, dramatic history, Yapahuwa and its ruins are of significant historical interest. King Bhuvanakabahu I, who founded the capital, was killed in internecine war with the South Indian invaders. The Buddha's tooth was temporarily transported to Polonnaruwa, the capital was transferred, and Yapahuva has come to desolation. To date, from an ancient city, there have been several buildings reminiscent of better times. One of them is the main Buddhist temple — a building built 8 centuries ago.

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Visit to The Golden Temple of Dambulla
In Dambulla on top of the hill there is a Buddhist temple, consisting of 5 caves. Here is the largest collection of Buddha statues, many of which are already over 2000 years old. The look of visitors can not help but stop at the frescoes adorning the walls and ceiling — this is a real treasure trove of walled temple painting. The ceiling shows the main moments of the life of the Buddha: his birth, renunciation of the royal life, enlightenment, seven weeks after the insight, reading the first sermon, escape to the bliss of Nirvana… Remains of plaster with traces of paint outside the caves indicate that the temple was a continuous gallery of paintings. The church dates back to the 1st c. BC, but was completed and restored in the XII and XVIII centuries. In the XII century. The temple was restored during the reign of King Nissamamalla, and 73 Buddha statues were covered with gold. After that, the temple was called «Golden Cave Temple». In the XVIII century. restoration of painting was engaged in the dynasty of painters living in the surroundings of Dambulla. The descendant of this dynasty continues the family tradition, using ancient tools and recipes for the preparation of natural dyes. The temple is under the protection of UNESCO.

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Accommodation at Dambulla / Sigiriya Hotel

Day 02 Sigiriya
After breakfast at the hotel, climb to the Lion Rock in Sigiriya.
Once on the top the palace's pediment, built of marble and surrounded by gardens and reservoirs, was paved with precious stones. The giant royal throne is well preserved. On the rock you will also see a gallery with frescoes and a «mirror wall», polished with the help of minerals. The frescoes depicting the procession of Heavenly Dancers — Apsaras or palace ladies as if hovering in the air, and covered with egg white composition with honey of wild bees, retained their bright colors. Of the 500 frescoes, only 18 have survived. The monument is under the protection of UNESCO.
Thousands of tourists aspire to Sri Lanka to see this wonder of the world!

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Day 03 Dambulla / Sigiriya — Kandy

After breakfast at the hotel, transfer to Polonnaruwa
Polonnaruwa in the center of Sri Lanka was the ancient capital during the 11th-13th centuries. The heyday of Polonnaruwa began with the demise of Anuradhapura, the first ancient capital of Lanka. In its heyday, the city was surrounded by three protective walls, adorned with beautiful gardens, parks and a host of shrines.
Visit the ruins of the Auditorium Hall, the Temple of Watadage, the Royal Citadel, the Royal Pavilion, the Thampokuna pool, Silva Devale, Thuparama, Kiriwihera, Gal Vihara.

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After lunch, transfer to Kandy via Matale

Visit Ayurvedic Garden in Matale.
Ayurveda is a whole science, the greatest school and a treasure trove of knowledge and experience of ancient teachers — a guru whose value can not be appreciated, as well as give at least a brief description of what this great doctrine of longevity is. This is the science of spiritual and spiritual harmony, harmony of mind and body. The effect of this harmony and bliss of renewal of the body and soul is achieved exclusively through nutrition, herbs, spices, oils and decoctions in combination with proper thinking, daily routine and behavior. You will be able to personally see the medicinal plants in the garden, and if necessary, purchase the natural products of interest to you.

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In the evening, a review tour of Kandy.
Located in a mountain range at an altitude of 488 m above sea level, the city is very picturesque. Its peculiar necklace is the river Mahaweli Ganga with shady shores. Kanda in translation means «mountain», and the local name of the city of Maha Nuwara is the Great City. The city was founded in the XIV century. King Wickramabahu III (1357-1375 gg.). In 1590, when the Portuguese seized the south-west and north coast of the island, the Sinhala rulers went to the mountains and founded a state with the capital in Kandy. For 225 years, the state was independent, and only in 1815 the British managed to capture the city. A lot of the most important historical events are connected with this city, and the inhabitants of Kandy still preserve the original culture, traditions and art of the Sinhalese people.
Kandian dancers delight travelers from all over the world with the originality of movements, unusual plasticity, the beauty of costumes, and «swallows of fire» dancing on hot coals, simply amaze the audience with their unusual art.
In the center of the city is an artificial lake, the creation of the last King Kandy. The residential area is located in the mountains south of the lake, and the city itself occupies the northern and western parts. In the center, on a small island, the Royal Summer Palace was built, where Sri Wikrama Rajasinghe kept his harem.

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Accommodation in hotel of Kandy / Peradeniya

04 Day Kandy — Peradeniya — Koggala

After breakfast in the hotel visit to Temple of the Buddha Tooth. On the shore of the lake there is Sri Dalada Maligawa — Temple of the Sacred Tooth of Buddha. Since 311, when the Tooth appeared on the island in the hair of Princess Hemamaly, the relic became a symbol of sovereignty. The state capital was the city where the Tooth of Buddha was…

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Visit to the Museum of Gems.
Since ancient times, Sri Lanka is called the island of precious stones. Here, stones are believed to lie in the bowels of almost 90% of the island.
At the time of the Arab merchants, the island was named Serendib or Island of Precious Stones. Many seafarers came here for noble metals and precious stones, which adorned the crowns and were kept in the treasuries of many kings and sultans. Under the name Serendip Sri Lanka entered the stories of Sinbad the Sailor who visited Sri Lanka twice, and in the tales of 1000 and 1 night.

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Visit to Royal Botanical Gardens. Originally, the garden was founded in 1374, as a garden for resting kings who ruled in Gampola and Kandy. Here on 147 acres of the fairy world, an incredible number of species of plants, both rare local and species brought from various tropical countries of the world, are collected. Particularly interesting are the pavilions of the Garden of Spices and the House of Orchids.

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Moving to the coast, Koggala

Accommodation at the Koggala Hotel

05 — 06 — 07 Days Koggala
Koggala is a relatively unexplored beach paradise in the deep south of Sri Lanka. This is a peaceful charm, deprived of the usual crowds of tourists. Instead, the stunningly beautiful long stretch of Koggala beach beckons visitors to leave their worries behind and absorb the atmosphere of true paradise. Nevertheless, it is not only the sun, surf and sand. Koggala has many other interesting attractions nearby, such as museums, a historic fort, temples, a lighthouse and even a small rainforest. Koggala also provides easy access to popular beaches in such areas as Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna and Galle. Nevertheless, you will be convinced that you will want to return to this quiet pier to relax your mind, body and soul in the beach area in the final days of your tour to Sri Lanka.

On Day 5 - visit to the Turtle Reserve in Koggala (Habaraduwa) or a trip to Mirissa to watch whales and dolphins (optional, to be discussed when approving the details of your tour)

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After dinner on the 7th day of the tour, transfer to Colombo Airport.

Evening / night departure from Sri Lanka.
After dinner, a representative of Lankarus will take you to the airport.

The tour price includes:
• Meeting, seeing off — transfer to the airport and tour along the route with an air-conditioned micro bus / bus (with guide)
• Accommodation in a double room and meals (half board: breakfast and dinner, including dinner on the day of arrival and breakfast, lunch and dinner on the day of departure). Full board on the beach holiday in Koggala.
• Entrance tickets to the Botanical Garden and the Temple of the Tooth of Buddha, the Golden Temple of Dambulla, the Lion Rock in Sigiriya.
• State duty (Service Charge 10%, VAT 15%, TDL 1%, NBT 2%)

The tour does not include:
• Personal expenses for beach holidays in Koggala
• Food not indicated in the program
• Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in hotels
• Tipping to drivers and guides, personal expenses; as well as other services not included in the tour.

Calculation of the cost of the tour and optional offers — on your request.
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Significant seasonal group discounts and discounts for students!

Complementary action of the Season 2019-2020.

Serendib tour by Lankarus for free!

Conditions for obtaining complimentary bonuses from Lankarus:

— When recruiting at least 12 people, the team leader or representative of the travel company is exempted from paying the cost of food, accommodation and payment of entrance tickets on the entire route.
Team leader pays only travel on the entire route and air travel.

— In groups from 16 to 20 people the head of the group is completely exempted from paying the tour, except for air travel. Lankarus takes care of the payment for meals, accommodation, excursions and travel all along the route.

— Validation period: until April 15, 2020.

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