Lankarus Marriage in Sri Lanka

Number of days: 05 nights
Season: Winter 2019/2020
Special event: Yes
Seasonal supplements: No
Flight / Arrival: Selfstanding / independently
Hotel transfer up and down: By Lankarus
Flight / Information: Travel agency or self-data transfer to Lankarus

The wedding ceremony is an exotic, fantastic and unforgettable event that is more than real in Sri Lanka! Lankarus is proud to present the highest level of organization of wedding ceremonies on the territory of its hotel properties, primarily in Turtle Bay Boutique Hotel in Kalamatiya and in Villa Modara in Kahandamodara.

We can organize a traditional platform «Poruwa», beautifully decorated with coconut leaves and flowers. This scene will be installed on the beach or in the garden.
The bride will leave the hotel room with an orchestra of drummers and accompanied by dancers in national Sri Lankan suits. Cheerfully and solemnly they will accompany the bride to Poruwa on the beach or in the garden. There the bride will have to wait for the bride.

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On the Poruwa platform, the master of ceremonies will perform the vows exchange ceremony, accompanied by traditional mantras and prayers. A bundle of betel leaves on the index fingers of the brothers are tied together. The hands of the bride and groom will be washed from a jug of water, while young girls dressed in beautiful saris, to the sound of songs, will bring you traditional Sri Lankan dishes with dishes.

Soon after the ceremony, the bride and groom will be invited to light the lamp, as a symbol of the beginning of family life and a home. Then the celebration of the registration of marriage will continue for a beautiful, exquisitely decorated table. To the sound of toast, you will enjoy the taste of a wedding cake with champagne. You will also be served traditional Sri Lankan sweets and rice cooked with coconut milk.

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Below are the characteristic elements of the wedding ceremony. The conditions of your ceremony are flexible, and are negotiated individually and very carefully.

The cost of the wedding package in Turtle Bay Boutique Hotel is $ 2000 /- and $ 1600 /- in The Islander Beach Villa. However, some of the items included in the list below are optional. Therefore, you have the opportunity to choose which items should be included in your personal wedding ceremony. After you express your wishes, we will be able to revise the wedding package at your request.

• Complimentary fruits and flowers in the room
• Traditional ritual on the stage of Poruwa
• A bottle of wine for the ceremony
• Cake for the wedding ceremony
• Decoration of the bride's hair
• Wedding bouquet (a bouquet with white flowers, consecrated in the temple)
• Tape for the groom
• 20 photos 10 x 15 cm from the ceremony (you have a choice: photos in an album or without album, as well as in various sizes for some additional payment)
• A representative who provides pre-wedding counseling
• Wedding Day Jewelry
• Witness
• Payment for the services of the registrar with the translation of the Marriage Certificate into English
• Personal romantic dinner for two on the beach for a couple with an exclusive menu
• Breakfast in the room the morning after the wedding for a couple
• In addition, we are happy to offer you a free excursion to the Kalamatiya bird sanctuary. You can watch the birds near the picturesque lagoon near the hotel. Newlyweds will also be offered a 30-minute head massage as a gift.

Please let us know your wishes and comments on the proposed wedding package. This is necessary for us to do everything necessary to conduct a special and personal wedding just for you. Any changes are welcome.

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Required Documents:

1. Birth certificates
2. Travel passport
3. Information about your names and surnames
4. Data on the home addresses of the groom and the bride
5. Information about the profession of the bride and the groom
6. Names and surnames of the parents of the bride and the groom
7. Data on the professions of parents
8. Notarized page of the internal passport, confirming the status of unmarried groom and unmarried bride

If you are divorced — Certificate of dissolution of a previous marriage
If you are a widower — Certificate of death of the former spouse
If the names or surnames have been changed — Certificate of name change

You need to send copies of these documents to the hotel no later than than 3 weeks before the ceremony. Preferably, if you scan these documents and email them to us, if you agree with our proposal.

Also note that you must stay at least 4 nights at the hotel before the wedding day. These are the legal requirements of Sri Lanka.

Please email us if you need more information.

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