The Circle Sri Lanka by Lankarus

Number of days: 12 nights — 13 days
Season: Winter 2019/2020
Special event: Yes
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Seasonal supplements: No
Flight / Arrival: by Travel Agency or independently
Flight / Information: Travel agency or self-data transfer to Lankarus
Meals plan: Half Board

Day 01 Arrival — Negombo

Arrival to the Bandaranaike international airport in Katunayake (Colombo). You will be met and assisted upon arrival by Lankarus staff at the airport. Then you will be taken to Negombo.
Negombo is a small town not far from the international airport Katunayake. This famous beach place remains popular with tourists during the entire winter season. Now Negombo is the tourist beach area upon arrival to the island. Most of the villages around Negombo are inhabited by fishermen, but a significant number of people are engaged in business, especially in the region of tourism.
Tourist attractions include: Beach, Fishermans Village, Negombo City, Dutch Fort, St. Mary's Church, St. Sebastian's Church, Anglican Church.

Night at Negombo Hotel

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Day 02 Pinnawala — Dambulla

Breakfast at the hotel
After breakfast you will go to Pinnawala including elephant orphanage visit. This kennel was organized by the government to protect sick elephants or left without parents to be slaughtered. You can feed the elephants yourself. Feeding the little elephants from a bottle of milk — a touching sight. After feeding, they take daily baths in the river nearby, and this provides great opportunities for photography.
Upon completion of the tour, transfer to Giritale. On the way — visiting the cave temple in Dambulla. The Golden Cave Temple is declared by UNESCO as the World Cultural Heritage Center. A sacred place of pilgrimage for 22 centuries, this is a cave monastery, carved into a mountain mass with five caves. It is the largest best preserved cave temple complex in Sri Lanka. The complex of caves is one of the most impressive Buddhist temples in the world.

Overnight at the Dambulla Hotel

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Day 03 Sigiriya — Polonnaruwa
Breakfast at the hotel
After breakfast departure to Sigiriya and climbing the cliff with the ancient fort at the top (also on the UNESCO World Heritage list). The fort was built by King Kassapa in the 5th century BC, and was a royal citadel for 18 years. Lion's Rock is a citadel of incredible beauty erected over the jungle at an altitude of over 200 meters. The base of the rock is surrounded by a moat and a rampart and vast gardens, including famous water gardens. The paws of the majestic Lion picturesquely guard the staircase of the palace on top. Here are the famous frescoes of «Heavenly Ladies» of Sigiriya in a sheltered cliff pocket and a 10-foot mirror wall.
At the end of the excursion transfer to Polonnaruwa (in the list of world cultural heritage of UNESCO), the capital of Sri Lanka from the 11th to the 13th century. This splendidly planned medieval city was protected by enclosing walls (about 5 km in length, which are still preserved), decorated with palaces, monasteries, shrines, pavilions, parks, ponds and irrigation lakes. Polonnaruwa is strewn with ruins in glorious security. Of these, in the buildings called Watadage and Thuparama you will make the most spectacular pictures. «Gal Vihara» consists of a statue of a lying, standing and sitting Buddha. They are carved in one granite wall and refer to the true masterpieces of Sri Lanka art.
Upon end, return to the hotel.
Overnight at the Sigiriya Hotel

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Day 04 Sigiriya — Polonnaruwa

Breakfast at the hotel
After breakfast, a full free day at the hotel
Optional tour to Anuradhapura
After breakfast visit to Anuradhapura with a visit An ancient sacred city, founded in the 4th century BC. It is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site since 1982. Here, the largest number of ancient monuments of the great Sinhalese civilization, concentrated in this region, has been preserved. Here you will see the most famous and tallest dagobas of Sri Lanka — Runawaseliya Dagoba, built in the 2nd century BC with elephant murals, as well as Thuparama Dagoba of the 3rd century BC. The ruins of the ancient royal palace are surrounded by pillars of the Copper Palace, which used to be nine stories high, temples, Buddha Samadhi (one of the best parts of Buddhist sculptures), monasteries, twin ponds, security stones and moonstone — all this you will see. «Sri Maha Bodhi» or the sacred Bo tree (ficus religiosa) has been growing here for more than 2200 years here from the appendage of the very tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment. It is the oldest historically and documented tree in the world.

Night at the Hotel Polonnaruwa

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Day 05 Matale — Kandy
After breakfast transfer to Kandy. On the way, drive to the spice garden in Matale. Kandy, the noisy cultural capital of the country, spread out on the hills, and now this city is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It is famous for its amazing beauty Temple of the Tooth Relic, where the most sacred religious artifact is the tooth of Buddha. In the evening visit to the sacred Temple of the Tooth. After viewing the Temple, you can enjoy the Kandiyan dances well known to the whole world!

Overnight at the Kandy / Peradaniya Hotel

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Day 06 Kandy — Peradeniya Botanical Garden
Breakfast at the hotel
After breakfast trip to the botanical garden in Peradeniya, where an impressive rare collection of tropical, subtropical and equatorial plants from around the world is gathered in the vast territory. In Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is the famous for its Orchid House, where you will see rare and endemic species and varieties of orchids as a native of Sri Lanka, and from other parts of the globe.
Visit the buildings of the University of Peradeniya and walk around the city.

Overnight at the Kandy / Peradaniya Hotel

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Day 07 Kandy — Nuwara Eliya

After breakfast transfer to Nuwara Eliya. Infinitely charming city Nuwara Eliya is Litle England in the tropics in miniature. The sun-filled, but cool town is located in the heart of the Tea Country at an altitude of 1890 meters above sea level. At a time when Sri Lanka was a colony of the British Empire, British landowners and industrialists built their homes here and mansions. The architecture of the city is amazing with the buildings of the epoch of the reign of King George and Queen Anne. Buildings of the city of those times in magnificent safety!

Night at Nuwara Eliya Hotel

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Day 08 Nuwara Eliya
Breakfast at the hotel
After breakfast, the whole day is free to rest. Or one optional excursion.

Optional tour to Horton Plains, located 40 km from Nuwara Eliya (approximately 1.5 hours en route). This is the highest plateau in the country. Here is one of the most significant National Parks due to the peculiarities of the topographic location. The park is famous for unique plants, as well as rare and mountain species of birds. The most amazing physical feature of Horton Plains is a cliff that «falls down» from height of 880 meters toward the low-lying southern part of the island. This place is aptly called «the end of the world». And the view from the edge of the abyss to the countryside is lower to the south, towards the coast is fascinating! Sunrise time or early morning is the best time to observe the district.

Night at Nuwara Eliya Hotel

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Day 09 Yala

After breakfast transfer to Yala (approximately 197 km, 4 ½ hours on the way). On the way, stop at the Ravana Falls, a spectacle with a picturesque backdrop of mountains and valleys. This place is described in the ancient epic of the Ramayana. According to this book, the demon of Ravana, allowed the wife of God Rama, Sita to bathe in this waterfall all the time, while Sita was in demon's prison. Upon arrival at Yala check-in at the hotel. Overnight at the hotel of Yala.

Night at the Yala Hotel

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Day 10 Yala

After breakfast jeep safari will begin in Yala National Park on a private jeep, accompanied by a tracker. Yala National Park is one of the leading ecotourism destinations in Sri Lanka, and is famous for its diversity of wildlife, especially because there are many elephants here. The park is a home for such animals as spotted deer, sambar, wild buffalo, lazy bear, jackal, mongoose and crocodile. Peacock is the most famous bird in this park. Yala has a high concentration of leopards, though, in order to see these nocturnal carnivores still need a little luck.

Night at the Yala Hotel

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Day11 Kalamatiya — Kahandamodara
Breakfast at the hotel
After breakfast transfer to Kalamatiya — Kahandamodara. In the morning departure to the picturesque unique Kalamatiya lagoon, in which tropical dry vegetation is presented in Sri Lanka. Kalamatiya bird sanctuary is paradise for over 180 species of endemic and migratory birds, dozens of species of fish and reptiles. On the way, a short survey of the Buddhist Dagoba in Kalamatiya.
In the evening, a trip to the village of Rekawa is one of the few places in the world where 4 species of rare sea turtles go to the deserted beach to lay eggs. This is a very touching excursion.

Optional daytime trip to Bata Atha botanical garden.
Now the collection of the garden is thousands species and varieties of plants, trees, flowers, herbs and shrubs from around the world. Of particular interest you will certainly call the Orchid House and a collection of variegated flowering plants. Orchids conquer everyone, even relatively indifferent to the colors of the visitor. Feature of the collection Bata Ata in that, that in the Orchid House you will see many local species of orchids that are no longer found anywhere in the world. Where else you can see first hand how mangoes, coconuts, rambutans, lychees, pineapples, tamarinds, guavas and dozens of other tropical fruit trees grow!

Night at hotels Turtle Bay or Villa Modara

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Day 12 Hummanaya — Galle

Breakfast at the hotel
After breakfast, transfer to Hummanaya, where the «Blow Hole» is located. Powerful waves of the ocean, getting into the rock formation are washed up by impressive fountains and streams of water, while producing a characteristic sound. This is an unforgettable attraction. Further moving to Galle for viewing the historical part — Galle Fort". This is a Dutch fort, which was built in 1663. Granite Galle Fort (included in the UNESCO World Heritage List) — the largest preserved up to now the fortress in Asia, created by the colonialists. In 2004, the fort survived the onslaught of the tsunami almost without damage to the buildings, which speaks of its today's strongness.

Overnight at the Hotel in Galle / Unawatuna

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Day 13 Negombo

Breakfast at the hotel
After breakfast transfer to Negombo and check-in at the hotel. This is your last day in this Lankarus tour. You can independently walk around the city, have shopping tour or simply soak under the gentle sun on the beach in Negombo.

Night in Negombo

Lankarus Lankarus

Day 14 Departure from Sri Lanka

Breakfast at the hotel

After breakfast, representative person of Lankarus will escort you to the airport.

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