Nature Lanka Panchakarma Ayurveda Health Resort

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Welcome to Nature Lanka Panchakarma Ayurveda Health Resort, the first Ayurvedic health sanatorium on the beautiful southern coast of Sri Lanka in Kahandamodara, at the seat of the Lankarus residence.
This is a calm Ayurvedic resort, located on one side of the ocean, and on the other side — in a green mini jungle. A tranquil atmosphere will refresh the body and soul of any part of the resort's aura. The Center has ample opportunities to provide treatment programs for the Ayurvedic Panchakarma and Health program, backed up by a team of Ayurveda doctors, as well as male / female massage therapists. Panchakrama and wellness procedures are the main points of natural health in Sri Lanka.

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• Nature's experience in getting the best in Ayurveda
• A set of packages for treatment of your choice
• Well-trained and well-qualified staff
• We provide advice on the personal procedures of Ayurveda
• Training specifically for you — treatment specifically for you

About Us
Since its inception, Nature Lanka Resort has grown and strengthened, deservedly received the status of a golden sanatorium for Ayurvedic tourism at Sri Lanka. Lankarus is proud to present you the opportunity to get the best from a proven Ayurvedic treatment in the area of the residence of our company. Lankarus recommends and guarantees the results of medical procedures in the special ayurvedic sanatorium Nature Lanka Resort.
Friendly and qualified staff will be very happy to serve you in their team in the best possible way. The team consists of qualified and professional well-experienced doctors and therapists.
The resort combines the pleasure of a beach holiday with authentic Ayurveda and wellness treatments. It is the embodiment of peace and tranquility. The resort has all the amenities to make your stay relaxed, comfortable and rejuvenating.
Overlooking the shimmering waters of the Indian Ocean, the spa resort is located amidst the lush greenery of the garden and offers you the chance to relax and experience the holiday of life while rejuvenating your body and mind with effective Ayurvedic treatments.

You can walk along a wide and pristine beach for miles.
Sanatorium Nature Lanka Resort is located deep in the south of Sri Lanka in Kahandamodara, in the Kalamatiya Bay(a natural bird reserve) on the shores of the Indian Ocean, near Tangalle.
Nature Lanka Resort is in the semi-dry zone of Sri Lanka, which is ideal for Ayurveda. The resort buildings are built in an ancient Ayurvedic hospital style to provide complete relaxation of mind and body. Such a unique style, executed according to all the ancient canons of requirements to the clinics now you will not find everywhere!
The resort occupies 7 acres of land, naturally, with vegetation, magnificent healing trees of Margosa and with direct access to a wide and pristine beach. The resort is located far from urban and suburban dwellings and major roads. This makes the location of the resort uniquely quiet, stable, calm.

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Accommodation and Services
The resort has 20 rooms in 3 villas, located at a quiet distance from the Ayurvedic Health House.
Each room is furnished with a very simple double bed, has a private terrace, telephone, solar water heating, fan and — if desired — air conditioning. Most of the rooms have ocean views and separate open verandas overlooking the beach and lush green gardens.
The resort is well-designed and creates a relaxed atmosphere, exactly as Ayurveda requires in the construction of houses in Sri Lanka.
The management and the collective of Nature Lanka Resort are dedicated to this philosophy in order to make a very clear distinction between just the hotel and the hotel for those who stop for treatment.
Nature Lanka Resort is open to those who are looking for extra pleasure and complete relaxed atmosphere.

Location is intentionally restricted to 20 rooms in order to provide a personalized approach, individual attention and treatment.

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• Pool
• Main lobby for meetings, discussions, etc.
• Laundry service
• Reception 24 hours a day
• Room service (daily)
• Packing
• Restaurant
• Internet
• Security and safety 24 hours a day
• Recreation areas and outdoor seating
• Wheelchairs
• Doctor at the spa 24 hours a day

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Our garden
Nature Lanka Resort is surrounded by the green garden that includes medicinal fruits, trees with leaves of medicinal plants and many other trees. The garden produces fresh herbs for medicines used in our Ayurvedic clinic.If you love birds, our garden is an ideal habitat, which attracts a huge number of birds every day. Some birds nest in the trees of our garden, and you can watch how they feed the chicks.

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Ayurveda House
The center has ample opportunities to provide an ayurvedic treatment program for Panchakarma & Health. Team of Ayurvedic doctors and male / female doctors provide the necessary treatment.All the mystery of healing takes place in the Ayurveda House block — the core of the resort complex, where all Ayurveda treatment methods are applied. Each course of treatment is a pleasure for the senses and provides a relaxing, soothing experience with highly positive results.


About Ayurveda in Short
Ayurveda is an ancient method of treatment, having origins in India and Sri Lanka. Ayurvedic herbal medicine (plant roots, bark, wood, fresh leaves and extracts, oils, precious stones and minerals) is the oldest traditional school on Earth, offering holistic medications. The goal is to prevent diseases by using the infinite energies of nature. The ultimate goal of the techniques is to maintain good health and prevent disease in a comprehensive manner.
According to Ayurvedic science, each of us has a special character and energy. This model is called the Three Doshas, which are defined as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Because of our diseases, these three Doshas are in imbalance.
The goal of Ayurveda Panchakarma is the restoration of the balance of various energies, the elimination of the collected clots of toxins from the body (through phytotherapy, nutritional products, massages, thermotherapy, yoga, meditation and the environment). More about Ayurveda — in the Lankarus article — Ayurveda on Sri Lanka.

Nature Lanka: approach to Ayurveda
Discover life with Ayurveda.
Nature Lanka Ayurveda Panchakarma Resort offers Planned Ayurvedic Treatment Programs.
Your treatment will begin with an initial medical consultation, with a history of the disease, examination and diagnosis. Based on the results of the initial medical consultation, our chief doctor will prepare an individual treatment program in accordance with your violations, the type of Dosha and body condition.
After the initial consultation, our doctors will discuss with you the recommended program and individual treatment methods based on your ailments, the duration of your stay and your personal goals.
In Nature Lanka Resort there are two main packages of treatment according to the method of Panchakarma Ayurveda, as well as individual packages can be arranged upon request.

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Description of the 2 main packages:
Package 01 (NA-AYU-P) — Special Panchakarma Preventive treatment.
This package of Panchakarma Ayurveda is aimed at the internal purification process of the body, which is used to prevent diseases, contributing to a healthy body condition and increasing life expectancy by eliminating toxins and accelerating the recovery of body energies.
Package 02 (NA-AYU-R) — Special Panchakarma Resuscitative (Panchakarma treatment and rehabilitation).
This package of Panchakarma Ayurveda is aimed at the internal purification process of the body, which is used to prevent diseases, promote a healthy body and increase life expectancy by eliminating toxins and accelerating the recovery of body energy. This package is used for non-European diseases, as well as the method treats and controls diseases that have already manifested.

We also offer Panchakarma anti-stress programs, rejuvenation, cleansing, weight loss programs, and also offer long-term treatment.

Diseases treated with Ayurveda at Nature Lanka
Ayurveda specializes in the elimination and cure of terminal disorders. Only a personal examination of the patient with the help of a Ayurvedic doctor will help determine a real diagnosis, and then determine the course of treatment. Here is the most common list of diseases that are treated with the help of Ayurveda in our sanatorium:
• High blood pressure and high cholesterol
• Arthritis
• Psychological stress
• Migraine
• Nicotine disorders (for smokers)
• Obesity (overweight)
• Psoriasis and eczema
• Insomnia
• Ringing in the ears
• Acne
• Anemic problems and general background ailments
• Kidneys stones
• Diseases of the nervous system
• Early stages of cervical spondylosis
• Early stages of prostatic hyperplasia
• Diseases of the ENT organs
• Gastritis
• Gynecological diseases
• Hair loss
• Paralysis
• Lumbosacral radiculitis

Ayurvedic foods
Nature Lanka pays particular attention to nutrition.
Each guest is assigned a separate menu for eating every day our Ayurvedic doctor. Each of the guests, treated according to the individual program of Ayurveda, eats strictly individual individual dishes, rather than dishes of a buffet.
Nutrition depends on the dosha and the actual state of health or disease.
Ayurvedic nutrition acts both as a food and as a therapeutic therapy against diseases. In Ayurveda, food is not separated from the medical school, as in Western medicine. It should take into account everything, for example, proteins, fats, carbohydrates. In addition, the nature and origin of the food is taken into account by such criteria as Rasa, Virya, Vipaka, Prabhaya and Guna.

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Panchakarma's methods at Nature Lanka Resort
Nasyam — includes nasal inhalation of drugs that act on all ailments above the cervix and diseases, and such as paralysis, facial nerve paralysis, terrible headaches and other neurological and psychiatric illnesses.

Virechanam (Therapeutic cleansing) is the process of purifying and eliminating intestinal contamination through the use of laxatives. This relieves extra bile toxins from the middle zone of the body. Therefore virechanam well neutralizes ulcers, gastritis, jaundice IBS, renal colic, intestinal problems and asthma.

Vamana (Therapeutic vomiting) — This Shodhana therapy helps in eliminating the excess Kapha Dosha from the body. In this procedure, a special preparation along with milk is given orally in the morning for detoxification.

Vasthi (Therapeutic enema) — The word Vasti means Bubble. Traditionally, cow or buffalo urinary bladders are filled with medicated fluids and used for enema. The bladder is now replaced by modern equipment. Vasthi with oils and herbs is called Anuvasana Vasthi, and Vasthi with herbal decoctions is called Niruha Vasthi.

Raktamoksham — In the procedure, a small amount of blood is released from the vein to relieve the tension from the Pitta Dosha toxins in the blood. Toxins, getting into the digestive canals, are drawn into the blood and transferred to the entire body. Bleeding also causes purification of the spleen, filling it with antitoxic content, and helps to activate the immune system.

The Panchakarma Ayurveda treatment plan will have a combination of the following treatment methods:
• Abhyanga Sharira — body massage
• Abhyanga Sharira — head massage
• Meditation with yoga
• Akshitarana
• Decoctions
• Treatment on the face
• Herbal bath
• Herbal thermal baths
• Herbal steam inhalations
• Nasya Karama (Nasal treatment) and Pinda Sweda Navara Kili (fermentation)
• Pilichil Sarvangadhara (bathroom with body oil)
• Purification therapy (Rakta Mokshana Karma)
• Picho Oil
• Shirodhara
• Shiro Basti
• Vamana Karma (Vomit therapy)
• Vereka Karma (Cleansing therapy)
• Vasti Karma (Уnema therapy)

Ayurveda consists of two aspects — Shodana Chikitsa — an internal process of cleansing the body, which is used to treat and prevent diseases, and this is very important for improving the healthy state of the body and longevity.
Shamana Chikitsa — heals and controls the diseases that have already manifested. Ayurveda has more than 1,000 medicines and recipes consisting of herbs, mineral and biological products that are used singly or as compounds for the management and treatment of the disease.
Cleaning the body and the subsequent rejuvenation is ideally done in three stages, and the overall process should be from 10 to 21 days.

The price of the package includes:
• Stop on arrival at our villa at Galle for using the transit room if required
• Accommodation in Nature Lanka Ayurveda Resort
• Ayurvedic meals — full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
• Welcome to massage your head or legs on the day of arrival
• Consultations of the doctor (general consultation, short consultations and consultations). Doctor's report
• Ayurveda therapy, as shown in the treatment regimen
• Ayurvedic nutrition in accordance with the instructions of the doctor and the meal schedule patients receive from the head physician
• Ayurvedic medicines in accordance with the doctor's instructions
• Weekly talk about the basics of Panchakarma / main Ayurvedic herbs treatment
• Yoga, meditation
• Mineral water and herbal tea at any time
• Evening of Sinhala cake or Sri Lankan light snacks and herbal tea.
• Personal assistant for each guest
• Evening sessions, including lectures, cooking demonstrations and musical accompaniments
• Medical staff is available 24 hours a day

Ayurveda School
Our school is the Ayurveda Institute, which offers an introduction to Traditional Therapies of Ayurveda Panchakarma for interested people around the world. The course is planned with an organized program that provides basic skills and knowledge of the curriculum for Ayurveda. The course consists mainly of theory and practice, including visits to other Ayurvedic medical centers, herb gardens, etc.
After successful completion of the course, students will be awarded with internationally recognized certificates. Training takes place in the form of group sessions, with a maximum of 10 students per group. Translations will be provided (for example: German, French, Japanese, Russian Bulgarian, Italian, etc ...)

Things to do. Excursions
During rest and treatment at the sanatorium Nature Lanka you can visit the main attractions of the KahandamodoraKalamatiya area, as well as make excursions on prior notification.

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Accommodation without treatment
The resort offers accommodation in any of 20 rooms without treatment programs, as in a traditional hotel with a variety of food options, too.

Address: Nature Lanka Ayurveda Panchakarma Health Resort, Kahandamodara, Ranna, Tangalle, Sri Lanka

Accommodation costs for 2 guests on Full Boardbasis, depending on the accommodation category — from 104 Euro (without treatment, only room) to 212 Euro (full board with treatment) per day. Progressive scale of discounts for accommodation according to the program of treatment for 7, 14, 21 days. Please specify your meal plan and the desired room type in Lankarus.

Sri Lanka Interactive Hotel Map — Lankarus Map




Nature Lanka Panchakarma Ayurveda Heals Resort Represents the Exclusive Offers of the Combined Ayurveda, Panchakarma and Yoga Treatment Courses for Lankarus Company Customers Only !

Such programs for combining intensive courses of Ayurveda and Yoga are unlikely to be met elsewhere in the offer of comprehensive health improvement in Sri Lanka.

Nature Lanka Panchakarma Ayurveda Health Resort exclusively represents only guests, customers and patients Lankarus new package Winter 2017-2018! Only in Lancarus at your special price!

All Inclusive Package — Healing Program
Yoga together with Ayurvedic massage:

• Ayurvedic meals based on full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
• Welcome massage of the feet or head massage on the day of arrival to the sanatorium
• Doctor's consultations (Basic consultation, short consultations and Final consultation)
• Ayurvedic relaxing massage, according to the indications according to the scheme of your individual treatment
• 4 to 6 relaxing ayurvedic massage a day
• If necessary, Ayurvedic medicines as directed by the Doctor
• Weekly talk about the basics of treatment according to the Panchakarma philosophy program / Basic Ayurvedic Herbs
• Two hours a day Yoga and Meditation — in the evening and in the morning
• Mineral water and herbal tea at any time
• Evening of Sinhala cake or Sri Lankan snacks and herbal tea.
• Evening meetings, including lectures, cooking demonstrations and musical entertainment
• Medical staff is available 24 hours a day
Yoga classes are well planned and conducted under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher.

We offer your travel agency a discount of 10% of the package price in Lankarus.

If you have any questions, please let us know that the management of Lankarus, as a representative of Nature Lanka, could negotiate a reasonable price of this package for your client and a group of customers during the one-year action of the offer of this Package.

Packages valid for 3, 7, 10, 14 and 21 days

Representatives of interested travel agencies, individuals can apply to Lankarus by any convenient means, as well as by request per email:

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