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LankarusYou probably know that the most profitable and, therefore, cheap tickets for flights are" not direct "flights that make a landing for refueling in any third country. During the planning of the trip, it should be taken into account that, for example, the distance from Berlin or Amsteram to Colombo is over 8000 km. The aircraft at an average speed of 800 km / h will fly this distance in 10 hours. It is not possible for even the most hardy passenger to carry and tolerate such a long journey. If you consider that on arrival you, as an independent traveler, will not be met, then you still have some time to get to the place of the first stop.

Much more convenient and the most correct choice will be a flight with a landing at the transit airport for docking. For example, at the airport in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or Doha. This will not only save your money, but also allow you to relax in the transit hall of the airport. In Dubai, while waiting for a flight to Colombo or Mattala, you can spend quite a lot of time in the huge duty free zone. Shopping in duty free in Dubai is a pleasure from shopping for yourself, family and friends for every taste and financial prosperity. The same pleasant entertainment awaits you at the airports of Abu Dhabi, Doha and other places of connection. In favor of the choice of "flight with a transfer", you can add that the arrival of the aircraft to Sri Lanka, to Colombo airport is usually closer to dawn. As a rule, flights with transfer arrive around 4-5 am, when local buses are already starting to move. Direct flights arrive at 1-3 o'clock in the morning. At this time it is very difficult to find a taxi. In this case, you will need to get to the place of the first stop and a tuk-tuk. However, if you fly by direct flight, arrive at 1-3 o'clock in the morning, and you are greeted by a representative of the hotel or Lankarus on the pre-ordered transfer, then you can worry about nothing! At the same time, regardless of when you arrive, by direct or indirect flight to Colombo airport, to take you to the hotel for rest as soon as possible and with comfort - this is our pleasant task.

Lankarus So, the most comfortable flights to Sri Lanka from Europe, in our opinion, are the flights (Airport in Europe)-Dubai-Colombo, (Airport in Europe)-Abu Dhabi-Colombo, (Airport in Europe)-Doha-Colombo . Before the main airport in your country, you can fly on a single ticket of the airline you choose from the airport of your regional center. Flight to Berlin, for example, in this case will be carried out by one of the domestic airlines. In Berlin itself, you are already in the zone of responsibility of the foreign carrier chosen by you.

From Rostov-on-Don in Russia, for example, you can also fly to Colombo FlyDubai flight, bypassing the docking in Moscow, that is - directly. Take an interest in the options for direct and docking flights at the airport of your regional center.

In a word, there are a lot of variants of flight to Colombo from Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Australia and New Zealand. Choose on your personal taste and with for your budget. We would recommend you cheap flights with excellent service on board the following airlines:

Docking flight:

  • Emirates Airlines - with a stop in Dubai
  • Etihad - with a stop in Abu Dhabi
  • Qatar Airways - with a stop in Doha

Direct non-stop flight:

  • SriLankan Airlines


  • FlyDubai
  • Turkish Airlines - specify the price range of tickets

There are a number of direct flights from European airports to Colombo as well, but there is no stable timetable, so check the availability of flights and air tickets on the airlines’ websites.

For residents of Ukraine, a good option for an inexpensive flight are the flights of the low-cost Air Arabia. Qatar Airways also flies from Kiev.

From Belarus, you can go on a trip from Minsk directly or through Moscow. From Kazakhstan you can get to Sri Lanka from Almaty or Astana. From Baku, there are also flights to Colombo.

LankarusSo, the most important thing is how to avoid mistakes with plane tickets. You need to choose a reliable carrier. How to do it? Very easy! Step one. In Amsterdam, the main airport, from where airplanes fly to the required direction you need, is Schirphol. You should definitely take into account the fact that basically flights Europe-Sri Lanka are carried out by Arabian airlines and some of the national airlines of the European countries. And this is always a first-class service, both at the airport and on board the plane.

Next - search the Internet for official airline websites, they have a system for booking seats on their own planes. Be sure to indicate the dates of your departure, arrival and tick the "round-trip tickets" (or “up and down”). Click on the search and the system offers you the availability of tickets and their cost for the dates you selected.

As you understand, the purpose of search on all sites is to find the most "tasty" price.

For example, on June 10, you plan to fly from Madrid to Sri Lanka between June 20 and July 20. What do we have as a result for the selected dates?

Compare the cost, the time of departure, the time of docking at the transit airport and the arrival time of the flights of all airlines inspected by you. And that's all! The decision on the cost and options for the flight you accept yourself!

The task can be simplified by using search engines for booking air tickets, for example, Eurocheapo, Aviasales, Momondo and many others. You can significantly win in price if you compare offers on different dates and on different search engines (they will offer all the flights on the drop-down menu for the dates you need there and back). You can only choose which search engine to purchase electronic tickets. This is also very simple!

LankarusIf you fly one of the above-listed airlines and are nervous because of the small time of interval between your flights, afraid that they will fly away without you, you can be calm. Your fears are in vain. All of the above companies with the question of docking everything clearly. Flights are selected so that passengers from one flight are moved to another. Even if the plane, for example, is delayed for 3 hours in Paris, you will be waited, without you will not fly away. In case the delay is longer, you should not worry either, the company will necessarily change your expired ticket for a new next flight! And if you wait for this connecting flight for more than 4 hours, you will be provided with a free hotel for waiting.

So, with docking, depending on your choice of flight option, you can land at Colombo or Mattala airport on average 10-17 hours after departure. If you fly by direct flight, the average travel time is 10 and a half hours.

Booking tickets to Sri Lanka on your own can save you money.

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