Ambalantota. The Artifacts Town

Ambalantota is a tidbit for Sri Lankan archaeologists and scientists from around the world, thanks to the numerous archaeological artifacts discovered in this area of the deep south of Sri Lanka. Today Ambalantota is a small town on the way from Hambantota to Tangalle. It is here that evidence of the history of the times of the Sanskrit and the pro-Sanskrit civilizations is found. Finds relate to the history of man 7000 years ago.

Archaeological Monument of Godawaya
The human skeleton found in Godawaya is at least 7000 years old. Several prehistoric stone tools, as well as animal remains, were discovered from the Godawaya at Archaeological excavations in Ambalantota.

Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex

The complex of biodiversity of Ambuluwawa is a unique combination of nature and human creation. The complex in Gampola on an area of 327 acres, a few kilometers from Kandy, is considered the fourth botanical garden in the country. Technogenic structures there include an international-level conference hall, the Center for Agrarian Preparation and the area of Buddhist worship, including a 48-meter stupa. The complex of biodiversity in Ambuluwawa offers a panoramic view of such mountains as Sri Pada (sacred mountain for representatives of 4 religions), Pidurutalagala (the highest mountain of Sri Lanka), Namunukala, Batalegala, Alagalla, Hantana and to the tops of a number of other mountains.

Anuradhapura. The Ancient Capital

The great ancient Anuradhapura, as we are sure, must necessarily be included in the historical part route through Sri Lanka. Skip the visit of Anuradhapura, as well as skip the ruins of the ancient Polonnaruwa, which means if not at all not to visit Sri Lanka, then at least, do not get the keys to understanding one of the greatest ancient civilizations on Earth. And after going to Anuradhapura, stop in the city for at least 2 nights to get acquainted with most of the historical monuments of the city.

Anuradhapura is one of the greatest centers of ancient Buddhism. This is the first capital of Sri Lanka. The city existed for fifteen centuries and was destroyed in the X century AD. The capital was famous for its power and splendor. Kings, monks, engineers, sculptors and ordinary people left behind a huge number of Buddhist monuments. Today the ancient part of the city is designated as the Holy City — Puja Nagaraya.

Bata Atha Botanical Gardens

The agro-technological park / botanical garden is located on the south coast in the Hambantota district, between Tangalle and Ambalantota, near the A2 highway. Distance of the Botanical Garden from Turtle Bay, Kalamatiya — 8 km., from The Islander Villa, Kahandamodara, Back Of Beyond, Kahandamodora — 6 km., and from Nature Lanka Panchakarma Ayurveda Health Resort — 7,5 km.

Bata Atha. Botanical Garden
The Ministry of Agricultural Development opened the Agro-Technology Park in Bata Atha, the second in Sri Lanka, in August 2014. The total investment in the project amounted to an impressive amount of 25 million rupees.

Buduruwagala. The Tallest Buddha Statue

Buduruvagala — an ancient Buddhist temple in the Uva Province, Sri Lanka. The complex consists of seven statues and belongs to the school of Mahayana thinkers. The statues date back to the 8th-10th century and date from the reign of King Walagamba. The giant Buddha statue still bears traces of its original stucco molding, and a long orange band indicates that the statue was once brightly colored.

Next to the Buddha statue there are three more, each on either side of the Buddha image, all of them are executed with abhaya mudras and belong to the late Anuradhapura period. The central of the three figures to the right of the Buddha is considered a Buddhist mythological figure — Bodhisattwa Awalokiteshwara. To the left of this white statue is a female figure in a thrice bent pose of worship, which is believed to be his wife Tara.

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