Stamps From Sri Lanka

Postage stamps exist in Sri Lanka since 1857.
Sri Lanka, which was then under British rule and was called Ceylon, issued the first postage stamp on April 1, 1857, depicting the profile of the British monarch of Queen Victoria at a value of 6 pence, with the currency at that time was the same as that used in England. And the first postage stamp in Sri Lankan rupees was issued on February 1, 1892. Ceylon was a republic in the Commonwealth on May 22, 1972, and the name of the country was transformed into Sri Lanka. Thus, the Republic of Sri Lanka issued its first postage stamp on May 22, 1972. Sri Lanka is the only country in which the seal of stamps is produced in three languages, namely Sinhalese, Tamil and English.

Most brands produced in Sri Lanka from 1857 to the present are displayed in the National Postal Museum of Sri Lanka. Stamps of Sri Lanka are equally bright in appearance, depicting its glorious history, fauna and flora, agriculture and industry, religious and cultural heritage, etc.
The philatelic bureau of Sri Lanka, established in 1968 under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Post, is the body responsible for developing and printing stamps for use in Sri Lanka. The bureau also distributes stamps and other philatelic items to local and foreign stamp collectors, conducting various philatelic programs on the island and participating in local and foreign philatelic exhibitions on behalf of Sri Lanka.

Many Sri Lankans use stamps to promote their culture or special cases. Stamps are also issued for almost every occasion or anniversary, which you can only imagine. The flora, fauna and historical monuments of Sri Lanka are so unique that their images on the stamps of the country will make your collection, of course, one of the brightest, colorful and unique.

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