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Lankarus Lanka Private Limited company identifies three major priorities of our unit packet of proposals for cooperation in a wide range of business relations with Sri Lanka's international partners. Please read a brief description of our offerings and opportunities for you

Activities in Sri Lanka

Sun, ocean, tropical vegetation, mountains, historical and cultural monuments. Smiles and peace. Sri Lanka captivates immediately and does not let go ever! Lankarus - a well-oiled mechanism of guarantees of dedication to tourism. We provide our clients with personalized travel in our own hotels, as well as organize high-quality tours all over Sri Lanka and in the Republic of Maldives.

Lankarus - a Sri Lankan tour operator which provides its customers with world-class services, demonstrating best practice in the management of relationships with business partners and employees. Lankarus offers a wide range of their own hotel in the resort, hotel accommodation of our partners, will organize accommodation and meals at the hotel as part of special tour packages. We offer surfing and diving excursions, which can be fully attributed to the variety of adventures available in Sri Lanka and in the Maldive sea. Lankarus arranges safaris. Our customers can experience the beauty and variety of unique and inimitable nature and wildlife of Sri Lanka.

Lankarus arranges safaris. Our customers can experience the beauty and variety of unique and inimitable nature and wildlife of Sri Lanka.

We provide reservations on the agreement in a variety of hotels of any category in the capital - Colombo, as well as in other resorts catering to business travelers. We also provide all related services, such as booking of meeting rooms and provision, along with other business services. Lankarus is opened to cooperation with operators and travel agencies worldwide. We speak a dozen languages, including - Russian, English, German, Sinhala, Tamil. Take the opportunity to expand the range of your service in Sri Lanka, accompanied by your partner - Lankarus.

  • Hotels in Sri Lanka
  • Tourist Packages
  • Leisure
  • Excursions

Business and partnership

We are trusted for many years of leading businessmen of Sri Lanka, we are cooperating and we value our long-standing friendship with partners in many countries. In addition to the tourist service, we are ready to cooperate in the international markets in many other areas. Unique craft masters of Sri Lanka - items made of wood, bronze, and furniture. Tea, spices, seafood, coconut and palm oil, precious stones - the gifts of the tropical island. Ancient Secrets of Ayurveda - aromatic oils and massage oils, inhalers, ointments, potions, herbal preparations, perfumes based on herbs and spices, face creams and body lotions and tonics. It's not all in the list of exclusive partnership! Everything, without exception, before the release of the products to the international markets is thoroughly tested on the sales market in Sri Lanka. In addition, each of the positions of the goods has the appropriate certificates, licenses and patents. Any position of our service or product runs deepest check and inspection of the controlling bodies of the relevant departments of Sri Lanka.

  • Souvenirs
  • Jewelry
  • Tea and Spices
  • Seafood
  • Beauty and health

Investments accompanied by Lankarus

Investments into real estates of Sri Lanka is now available as ever. Into the hotel business, for residential and industrial purposes. Quick return on investment and huge returns in the future. Lankarus will help you find the desired place of land for the construction of any orientation or finished property in any part of Sri Lanka. The company can provide your transaction accompaniment upscale public notaries and lawyers. Examination of the documentation of the owner of land or buildings. Negotiations between the parties, accompanied by Lankarus, and if appropriate in the presence of a lawyer / attorney. Organization of accommodation and food during your business tour for the selection and purchase of property in Sri Lanka. Consultation and registration support of lawyers on issues of real estate transactions and land sale in Sri Lanka.

  • Selling property
  • Land
  • Registration of companies
  • Investing in your business

If you are interested in starting or developing your business in Sri Lanka, we will be happy to answer any question on any of our proposed areas of cooperation:

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