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Delivering Lanka Private Limited

Delivering Lanka Private Limited — an assoctoaied company to Lankarus Lanka Private Limited. Both companies mutually complement each other in the tourism sector, represent each other's interests in the respective segments of the tourism industry for their intended use. In the financial and economic plan, both companies form a single corporation.

Delivering Lanka: connect hospitality

Striving to offer an innovative and quality range of hotel accessories, Delivering Lanka Private Limited combines advanced and rather long experience in the tourism industry with know-how in presenting a wide range of products and services.

Doctor Sanjaya Nawarathne

Dear Lankarus guests and partners!

When traveling on a mountain and mountainous part of Sri Lanka , please, be extremely attentive and careful. In connection with the increased risk of injuries, bruises and fractures in the mountainous areas during climbing, hikes to the mountains, waterfalls, trekking, mountaineering and rafting on the mountain rivers, it is necessary to be especially careful.
We strongly recommend that you take care of your insurance in advance, before your travel to Sri Lanka, for insurance, which can be issued quite inexpensively directly on the website of Lankarus .

Mal Anura Seafood

MAL — Anura Seafood — Delicious Partner of Lankarus. Always, when we want to eat deliciously, like-at-home and in a soulful company in Kahandamodara, Tangalle!

Anura Muthumala, the owner of the restaurant: — The concept of our restaurant is simple and clear to every guest from anywhere in the world — the ecological compatibility of the building. We used traditional and safe construction materials — clay, cement, coconut fiber and ropes, wood and palm leaves — in the building's construction. The building is a typical example of rural houses in Sri Lanka, which you will see so rarely on the island at present. Being in the restaurant guarantees hypoallergenicity and safety.

Mirissa Water Sports Private Limited

Exclusive and the only approved by Sri Lanka Tourism Authority Partner of Lankarus Lanka Private Limited in the field of water sports, water entertainment, whale and dolphins watching at the main point of the country for the relevant tourism activities Mirissa Water Sports Private Limited

About Us
• One and only approved by Sri Lanka Tourism Authority whale watching provider in Mirissa
• The pioneer of commercial whale watching in Sri Lanka
• The most reliable and professional service provider

Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris

Our exclusive, highly respected and reputable Partner presents at Lankarus a line of environmental and of niche tourism in National Parks of Sri Lanka , as the most top operator of the relevant service, which is evaluated and recognized as the leading experts in the field of tourism around the world.
The Noel Rodrigo's Leopard Safaris project began as a hike for friends led by Noel Rodrigo, who discovered his passion for the wild while still a teenager. He realized that he would like to share his interest and knowledge with like-minded people. It was long before he started hiking professionally.

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