Hotel For Sale in Tangalle Area

For sale: building for a hotel, constructions and land, turnkey. District Tangalle, Rekawa, Deep South of Sri Lanka.
Direct deed, without intermediaries, with the hotel owner, a great friend of Lankarus.

Property Description
• Construction start year — 1998
• Area of property — 204 perches / 51 weavings
• Number of rooms — 10 to 12, stand as of February 2017
• 2 Swimming Pools
• Private garden
• More than 100 coconut palms on the plot
• Concrete Fence
• Separate building for staff and kitchen
• Reinforced concrete structures of buildings
• Ground floor — 50 square meters
• Views of the Rekawa Beach, the Kahandamodara lagoon and mountains
• The adjacent territory — the reserve lands and the lagoon
• Water supply and electricity

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The property is located in Rekawa, one of the most prestigious resorts in Sri Lanka, about 210 km. away from Colombo.
The main building is located just 30 meters from the Rekawa beach with golden sand, and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka, being a mass tourist infrastructure untouched place. The property is framed by a beautiful lagoon.

This exclusive hotel was started to built in 1998 by Russian author. A unique complex consists of 2 blocks — central and beach villas.

In the main unit on the ground floor- provides space for 4 spacious rooms, each with its own bathroom / shower. Two rooms of 4 turned towards the ocean, the other two rooms have spectacular views over the protected lagoon. The first floor is constructed equally to the ground floor. The second floor construction provides a flexible completion of the project — from 2 to 4 rooms (possible according to plan of the ground and 1-st floors). Additional heightened playground on the 2nd floor can be multi-purpose. For example, the completion of the largest and most spacious room or terrace for relaxing or high-altitude restaurant. Completion is possible within a 5-storey building, as construction of the structure has a solid foundation platform from which to make sufficiently large load without building offset threats, deformation or cracking of the walls.
The main building is equipped with auxiliary multi-purpose rooms.
The hotel offers well maintained pool in the middle of a beautiful green garden with exotic flora, which blooms all year round. The swimming pool with breathtaking views of the surrounding area and the Rekawa beach.

Each room can be equipped with a king size bed and a bathroom with a shower with hot and cold water, and be able to offer its own private veranda with views of the ocean or lagoon.

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Other features include:
The owner has a full package of permits for construction 6 additional buildings within the land — the beach villas. One of them on its own architectural plan is almost completed on the ground floor and needed decorating and furniture on the 1st floor of the beach villa.
The rooms of the luxurious villa include 3 kinds of windows — a view of the garden and swimming pool on the one hand, as well as the beach / ocean through the 2 other windows

Information on request to Lankarus.
Full support of the deed from the negotiation to the delivery of a package of property ownership documents.

The cost of the real estate — full property $600.000, devided land + building — $ 450.000

Division of the land property into 3 parts possible. Acquisition of plot with buildings is possible as a whole property, as well as its parts.

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