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LankarusLankarus has the opportunity to offer you many directions for investing in Sri Lanka.

Why Sri Lanka?

  • Fast-growing economy (for example, GDP growth for 2014 - 7%)
  • The security of foreign investment is guaranteed by the Constitution
  • Sri Lanka and most of the European countries signed the Double Tax Treaty
  • There are no restrictions on ownership of shares
  • Possession of the company can be wholly owned by a foreign citizen
  • Stocks move freely both inside Sri Lanka and abroad
  • Exemption from taxes up to 10 years, depending on the characteristics of the project to 100%. Then, preferential taxation for up to 5 years is possible
  • Sri Lanka does not have currency restrictions on capital flows
  • Import of a number of construction materials, equipment and raw materials, as well as export of final products and / or semi-finished products, are exempted from paying duties. Imported raw materials and equipment for production are also exempted from import duties
  • Sri Lanka has entered into an agreement with several countries on a free trade area
  • Sri Lanka offers the opportunity to invest in any sector of the economy from rice production and construction of hotels to road construction
  • The newest infrastructure, which continues to steadily and rapidly develop and modernize
  • Road construction is invested not only by the state, but also by partner countries
  • The maximum tourist attraction of Sri Lanka and the construction boom in the tourism industry
  • Fluency in business in English

Investment consultancy and services by Lankarus for your business


All projects are adapted and detailed for your request. You can independently designate the business sector of interest to us. Based on the query, we can choose the project that suits you. The database contains unique investment-attractive projects of varying degrees of study. Some of them have been completely created by Lankarus from the very beginning, and some Sri Lankan projects come to the offer to foreign investors from our partners.

Lankarus works with time-tested and effective partners. Our extensive communications include tourist, legal, architectural, construction, brokerage, financial companies, as well as the media. As a result, we offer professional and efficient services to Lankarus customers.

What we offer at the initial stage and in the process of launching your investment project

  • Opening of a Sri Lanka company with your participation as founders
  • Services of the company secretary, as an obligatory requirement of Sri Lankan legislation
  • Opening a bank account
  • Support for the legal procedure for entering funds into and out of Sri Lanka, including minimizing the transaction trails
  • Tax planning. With a skilful approach to the tax system of Sri Lanka, there is a real opportunity to minimize the fiscal burden, making it one of the most attractive for doing business in Asia
  • Obtaining your work / business visas
  • Legal advice on any Sri Lanka legislation you are interested in and necessary

Maintenance of your business related to the acquisition of land and construction

  • Lankarus will select the Sri Lanka region and land of interest for you, depending on the type of business (for production location, for hotel construction, for agriculture and plantation, etc.)
  • Inspectorate of legality of title documents on property. Checking the company's lawyers information about the owners for the last 15 years or more if required
  • Registration of these plots in accordance with the requirements of the legislation. See section Buying property

Limitations on investment in Sri Lanka for foreigners

Sri Lanka is the state opened to investors from any country. But, taking care of the sectors that are strategically important for our country, the government made a number of restrictions for non-residents.

Closed for foreign capital industry:
  • Loan of money
  • Lombard services
  • Retail trade with a capitalization of less than $ 1 million
  • Provision of security services, including advising individuals and organizations in the field of security, security services

Investing in the presence of a special permit

Doing business with a special permission from the government or a specialized government agency responsible for foreign investment is possible. Among them:

  • Production of weapons, ammunition, explosives, military vehicles and equipment, military aircraft and other military equipment
  • Production of poisons, narcotic substances, alcohol, dangerous drugs, toxic, dangerous and carcinogenic materials
  • Production of banknotes, coins, documents with degrees of protection
  • Mechanized mining of precious stones on an industrial scale
  • Lotteries
  • Air transportation
  • Coastal fishing

Foreign investors can invest in any other industry, without any limitations and difficulties.

The investment process requires an integrated approach at each of its stages. And without the participation of Sri Lankan lawyers, economists and specialists of other specialties, you practically can not do. At the same time Lankarus, having in its own team or in a team of partners of our company, highly qualified and experienced specialists, is ready at any time to provide you with consulting and practical support at any stage of investing in the economic sector of your interest in Sri Lanka. Invest in your future - invest in Sri Lanka!

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