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Lankarus Cinnamon

Cinnamon — a plant from the family of the Laurels. Its homeland is Sri Lanka, which is why the botanical name is Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Cinnamon of Ceylon).
Dried bark is used as a spice. On sale, it comes in the form of crushed pieces of bark and in the ground form. It has antiseptic properties and prevents the appearance of fungus.
Cinnamon grows in its homeland, in Sri Lanka. It was introduced several centuries ago in the Seychelles, in Southeast Asia and in the west of India. For commercial purposes, cinnamon is grown in India, Brazil, Vietnam, Madagascar and Egypt. The best quality cinnamon in the world is in Sri Lanka only. The highest quality Sri Lankan cinnamon is made from a very thin and soft bark of light yellow or brownish color. It is appreciated for its pleasant aroma, an unusually sweet and warm taste.

Lankarus Pepper

Sri Lanka's King of Spices is black pepper. The pepper plant is a tree-like liana from the genus Piper nigrum, a family of pepper. It grows, twisting trees, for support. In the length reaches such a vine 6 meters. Pepper vines are ovoid, leathery, greyish-green leaves.
Fruits of pepper hang from the vine with a bunch of berries. These berries are harvested at different stages of ripening. Black pepper is an unripe berries. To green berries turn black during drying, they are kept in direct sunlight.
The birthplace of pepper is the southwestern coast of India and, in fact, Sri Lanka. In ancient times, the territories of the current Indian state of Kerala and the northern part of Sri Lanka were called Malihabar, which in Sanskrit means «land of pepper». Hence, it is quite clear why the Sri Lankan pepper has been the best in the world since ancient times, as Ceylon land is the homeland of black pepper.

Lankarus Teas

Throughout the world — in more than 145 countries — tea is supplied from Sri Lanka. The country produces more than 305 million kg per year. tea of the most diverse varieties, which is 10% of world production of tea products. And these figures are growing from year to year!In the past few years, our company has made a significant contribution to the supply of high-quality, environmentally friendly, without preservatives and colorants, tea in 35 countries. We offer to join the connoisseurs and suppliers of the best product of the nature of Sri Lanka!

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