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Stone-breakers and stone carvers of Sri Lanka — one of the most outstanding masters of work with this hard and complex material in the world. The history of stone processing in Lanka is lost in the centuries. Across the country, it is impossible not to notice the oldest monuments of architecture, in which, one way or another, there is a stone. Cave statues and statues, pillars of ancient palaces, houses and structures. It is not just hewn stones, but works of art with exquisite and intricate designs. Such is the aesthetic nature and traditions of the stone-cutting school of Sri Lankan masters.

It is enough to visit at least one of the ancient cities of Sri Lanka. Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Dambulla, Kurunegala — everywhere you will be amazed and impressed by the unique work of carvers and sculptors. After millennia, when many of the wooden and straw elements of buildings are lost, many stone sculptures, pillars, walls appear in front of the viewer almost in its original form in all its glory.
Sri Lanka is unique in that here we are passionate about our heritage. This applies to the school of sculpture and carving in stone. Working with a stone is a family matter. Fathers and grandfathers carefully convey their knowledge to their children, conveying the best experience of their ancestors and traditions of their skillful craftsmanship.

In the whole world it is known that Sri Lanka is an island of precious nuggets. At the same time, the island's geoclimatic conditions contributed to the fact that deposits of the most frequently used stone rocks, suitable for processing, appeared here. Among them — onyx, granite, sandstone, marble, steatite and others. Visiting the houses of Sri Lankans or hotels of medium and high class, you will make sure how widely the stone is used both in decoration of interiors and in decoration. Marble flooring is just as common in a hotel or home as linoleum or laminate flooring in the apartments and homes of residents of northern countries.

The density of stone is different, as well as its structure. Not all stones are suitable for creating elements of home interior and exterior decoration. For example, the most common minerals for making statues, tables, benches, caskets, candlesticks, vases and other objects are, first of all, onyx and steatite. Buddha statues, ashtrays, small vases and caskets, amulets, beads, earrings and bracelets from onyx are some of the most popular souvenirs and gifts that guests of Sri Lanka acquire. It is inexpensive and very beautiful. Steatite (it's «soap stone», «ice stone», «wax stone» or «fat stone») is a mineral that seems to feel fat, so smooth it is. Steatite is untreated talc ore. Of this stone, Sri Lankan masters make especially beautiful things. And that's why. The fact is that the color of the mineral can be white, gray or brownish with a greenish or yellowish tinge. Less common is reddish or red, dark cherry or bluish steatitis. The gloss of the treated stone is matte, silky. The mineral, though dense, but so soft that leaves the strip on a dark fabric. A piece of steatite can be written as chalky. That's why steatite has been made for a long time by a variety of products: miniatures, animal figurines, vases, candlesticks, caskets, chests, and even decorations for the facades of houses.

In Ayurveda it is believed that steatite treats sciatica, osteochondrosis. The stone is used as a natural hot water bottle, because it keeps heat for a long time. This is an ideal refractory material, which quickly heats up and slowly cools. A piece of steatite, dropped into hot water or into a fire for only 5 minutes, cools down for an hour. Due to this property, the stone is used by Sri Lanka medicine in cases where hot body massage is required. Heaters are made from steatite, which are convenient for home use. Doctors of Ayurveda claim that steatite also has a strong energy with a frequency of vibrations close to the vibrations of the brain. This property of steatite underlies the work of biostimulants, which are made of stone. More doctors say that steatite affects the sacral chakra. Objects from steatite can be used during meditations and practicing yoga for the perfect warming up of the body and the soothing of thoughts.

The world of stone products in Sri Lanka is so diverse that it is simply impossible to describe all the virtues and skills of carvers. To appreciate these luxury items and things, we invite you to get acquainted with stone products in more detail, by requesting more detailed information in Lankarus or visiting Sri Lanka. Guests and customers of Lankarus can watch the creative process in the stone processing shops in Sri Lanka from our suppliers. So you can see with your own eyes what traditional stone carving is and get a personal experience of carving in the master class. Specialists of partner factories of Lankarus give complete introduction to the history of art work with a stone in Sri Lanka. You can learn and see how craftsmen make souvenirs, figurines, sculptures, vases, caskets, tables, chairs, benches, etc.

The prices for our products are very fair and competitive. All items are fully insured, they are accompanied by certificates, accompanying customs and other necessary documents. After the purchase of large items, delivery to Europe, America, Australia and all around the World is made directly to the doorstep of your house. Delivery, depending on the size of a large object or batch of stone products, is made from the port of Colombo or by air (cargo).

With terms of deliveries to your country of small, medium (Sri Lanka Post) and large quantities of stone products (Cargo) you can get acquainted during your stay in Sri Lanka and excursions to the factory, as well as sending a request to Lankarus in free form per e-mail address:

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