About the company

Lankarus - a well-oiled mechanism of guarantees of dedication to tourism. We provide our clients with personalized travel in our own hotels, as well as organize qualified high-quality tours all over Sri Lanka in the Republic of Maldives.

Since its establishment in Sri Lanka Lankarus has built strong relationships with potential suppliers of tourism services on the local travel market, as well as with tour operators on international market

We are the owners of the leading hotels in Sri Lanka, as the Turtle Bay in Kalametiya, The Islander Beach Villa in Kahandamodara, Taragala By Lankarus in Kalametiya. In total, our property, and under our management as part of Lankarus Lanka (Private) Limited - more than 20 resort, hotels and restaurants. We work together and debugged in full agreement within the team. Our partners around the country are always ready to take our orders happily, for your holiday in Sri Lanka, and we continue to establish new relationships with hoteliers and resort operators, to expand our service portfolio for you.

Our team - is experienced and we are well-trained professionals. We do everything to ensure that we provide a friendly and efficient service to our customers.


Lankarus positioning itself as Lankan tour operator which provides its customers with world-class services, demonstrating best practice in the management of relationships with business partners and employees. Lankarus performs high-end work in order to reward the worthy investment travelers and guests in the organized leisure.

What we believe in

We believe that our success is the satisfaction of our customers. Our goal is to ensure that every new customer will be pleased to cost and quality of services provided in Lankarus, and look forward to their next vacation with us. We have regular returns of our guests and friends again and again. So, we are on the right track.

We also believe in the preservation of the very close relationship with our business partners. We believe in satisfaction of our efficient work for the successful implementation of their specific needs.

We also believe that our most valuable assets - our employees, the contribution of which leads to the success.

We believe that the high quality of services that we provide - is the result of the combined efforts of many people, and that the total efficiency is best achieved by working together everyone, while respecting each other's contribution, the understanding of the importance of work of each link.

What is our business style

We are demonstrating the best practice of management relationship with our customers, business partners, employees and shareholders. Partners and employees of Lankarus - very experienced and high-end part of the owners / managers of the tourism industry in Sri Lanka.

Our formula

Our solutions are based on clear understanding of our mission, which is, we believe, always leads to the successful achievement of objectives.

We also believe that among small and medium-sized companies, we are in a unique position, and we have indisputable competitive advantage over larger, well-known companies that are not able to offer the service to its customers in the system of individual approach of "one to one."

What we offer (Service profile)


Lankarus offers a wide range of own hotels in the resort places, hotel accommodation of our partners, will organize accommodation and meals at the hotel as part of special tour packages. This is guaranteed to attract a wide range of travelers, and satisfies the most demanding customers.

Adventure tourism

For the more adventurous guests we offer surfing- and diving excursions, which can be fully attributed to the variety of adventures available in Sri Lanka and in the Maldive sea.

Eco travel

Lankarus enjoys its commitment to preserve the fragile natural and ecological environment in Sri Lanka and offers safari excursions. Thus, our customers can experience the beauty and variety of unique, inimitable nature and wildlife of Sri Lanka.

Business Travel

We offer reservation on agreement in a variety of hotels of any category in the capital city - Colombo, as well as in other resorts catering to business travelers. We also provide all related services, such as booking of meeting rooms and provision, along with other business services.

Why Lankarus

Lankarus - a company that provides its customers with the necessary experience for your exciting vacation at a reasonable price. The combination of talent with the professionalism of our staff - this business arrangement works well and smoothly. Each partner contributed its expertise in services that we provide. Our partners amassed valuable experience in the past. As a result, we always conduct individual negotiations on discounts to customers of Lankarus. Ultimately, the customer receives a service company specialized in Lankarus at a reasonable price.

Lankarus plans the travel of the client from start to completion, covering areas such as circuits and the possibility of air travel, airport and departure at the airport, transfers, accommodation and excursions. We understand all inquiries and / or complaints, the wishes of our customers personally and individually

We are open for communication on any subject 7 days a week. Staff to work with guests is available for all customers of Lankarus 24 hours a day from the beginning to the end of your journey into fabulous Sri Lanka. Our team speaks a dozen languages, including - Russian, English, Sinhala, Tamil. This makes communication during your trip as simple as possible.

Lankarus - is a specialized tour operator in Sri Lanka. We considered and deservedly recognized as leaders among small and medium tour operators of Sri Lankan and Maldivian tourism industry. Our latest solutions and high status makes us a progressive and dynamic company. We are seeking to achieve the goal - to meet the needs of our customers and business partners.

We are ready and look forward to working in the European, American, Russian tour operators, operators of the former Soviet Union, as well as tour operators worldwide. Together with you, we will do a fabulous Sri Lanka travel available for every traveler!

Business and partnership

We rely on many years of leading businessmen of Sri Lanka. In addition to the tourist service, we are ready to cooperate in the international markets in many other areas. Unique craft of Sri Lanka - items made of wood, bronze and furniture. Tea, spices, seafood, coconut and palm oil, precious stones - the gifts of the tropical island. Ancient Secrets of Ayurveda - aromatic oils and massage oils, inhalers, ointments, potions, herbal preparations, perfumes based on herbs and spices, face creams and body lotions and tonics. It's not all in the list of exclusive partnership!

Investments into real estate in Sri Lanka is available as ever. Into the hotel business, for residential and industrial purposes. Quick return of your investment and huge returns in the future. Lankarus will help you find the desired piece of land for the construction of any orientation or finished property in any part of Sri Lanka. The company can provide your transaction accompaniment upscale public notaries and lawyers. Consultation and registration support by our lawyers on issues of real estate transactions and land in Sri Lanka.

Meet the Team of Lankarus

Sergius P.
Position: Managing Director at Lankarus Lanka Private Limited
Denis К.
Position: Operation and Technical Director at Lankarus Lanka Private Limited
Radmila К.
Position: Sales Consultant at Lankarus Lanka Private Limited

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