Changes in Sri Lanka Visa Regulations

At the moment, a government policy to promote both domestic and foreign investment to the development of Sri Lanka is being carried out by the government. In parallel to this policy, proposals have now been made to update the present visa system. On the request of qualified foreign nationals, Visit Visa, Residence Visa and Transit Visa are issued at present.

The Cabinet of Economic Management has recommended to revise the existing visas and the charges levied therein and to levy US $ visas from Sri Lankan Rupees. Accordingly, the proposals by the section 14 of the Immigrant and Emigration Act No. 20 of 1948 as amended in accordance with the relevant regulations, including the following aspects of visa issuance, are hereby amended in accordance with the relevant Regulations. The proposals made by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Wayamba, Development and Cultural Affairs Mr. SB Vinninna has been approved.

These are the suggestions:

• Transferring the power to recommend resident visas on investors / employees in the fields under the BOI Board to the Secretary of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka Board of Investment.

• In addition to the foreigner visa fee, a fine of US $ 500 is imposed.

• Resident Visa for the full academic period for foreign students.

• Issuance of resident visas for a period of 10 years for foreign nationals who receive more than US $ 500,000 to Sri Lanka.

• Visa for Children of a Sri Lankan Citizen and Visa for a period of 5 years for a married spouse of Sri Lankan citizens.

• Resident Visa for 2 years to work for foreign spouses who have lived in Sri Lanka for 10 consecutive years or have children under 18 years of age.

• Provide Permanent Residence Visa to persons who have already been citizens of a foreign country, who are unable to apply for Dual Citizenship.

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