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As we have previously underlined, the specificity of Sri Lanka lies in the fact that the country does not have a single register of land plots, and there is no standard document confirming the cleanliness of a site. In each province of Sri Lanka, there is a branch of the land register, which is responsible only for a particular region. For example, if you want to purchase aland or a property in the Tangalle area, then you need to check the legal status of the site or building in Tangalle. The marking of storage in the office of the registration document, as a rule, is indicated only in the Sinhalese documentation. For foreigners, this is a certain complexity. Firstly, not all property owners are ready to provide transparent information about the place of storage of the history of the land plot and its fixation in the so-called Paththiru. And even if you can get close to the records, you can hardly read them. In any case, these issues are dealt with by lawyers and lawyers of our company independently, excluding your worries and time in this matter. In addition, at the preliminary stage of site selection and negotiations with its owner (-s) we are present at all stages, as the executives of or company speak Sinhala.

Why Lankarus?
A document confirming the right to own land — Deed of Transfer — indicates that a particular person or group of persons owns a plot or structure. A copy of the data is also entered in the Land Register, where we or our lawyers have the right to request information on the document number. It should be remembered that the function of the land registry is the fixation of data on the transaction, according to the information specified in the Purchase Agreement. The state does not verify the truth of the data. Such checks are conducted by the management of Lankarus. Knowledge of Sinhala gives us undeniable advantages. Purchases are accompained by our lawyers. In effect, for the duration of the transaction — it's your personal lawyer, that is, the person you trust the transaction support. Trust is a very important point, because if a lawyer does not fully check the history of the site, or allows any inaccuracies in drafting the contract, the state will only record the fact of the conclusion of the Treaty. This can lead to subsequent problems, much later. It is in this regard that we conduct a thorough initial detailed verification of the entire history of ownership of the land. This should rule out legal problems after you obtain the rights to own and dispose of the property. Such a procedure for us is not just a formality. Checking of Paththiru is a complex process of checking the legacy tree. And if you trust to non professionals who assure you of the cleanliness of the site for the last 10-15 years, then you take the risks by agreeing to the deal. Why? The statute of limitations for the sites in Sri Lanka significantly exceed the average European.

Search and Problem Solution
The problem of undivided plots is that at any moment a citizen of Sri Lanka can appear and claim hi/her rights to a part of the land, because the site on the plan can have clear boundaries, but inside the plan there are no indications to whom, what part of the plot and for how long belongs. And this is a serious problem. This happens because the sole owner of the land bequeaths it to the inheritance of the whole family in the shared distribution, for example, 50% to the spouse, 20% to each of the 2 children, and another 10% to the other relative. Total for one plot of 4 owners. Each of them has a certain share, but nowhere is the exact location of these shares on the plan fixed. Courts with owners of such types of plots can last for decades, appeals can be filed an unlimited number of times, and the queue in court for appeals goes up to tens of years. In this regard, you should know that after you have decided on the site selection, its thorough examination by lawyers is extremely important and necessary! Specialists of Lankarus carefully check all the papers before making deals. So we protect you from possible problems in the future. Usually our experts check the ownership history of the sites over the past 15 years. In case of doubt or problems identified in Paththiru, the tree of ownership records, we notify our clients. And if he/she agrees to a deeper chronological check, our task is to eliminate problems by checking the site up to the time of the limitation period. This is sufficient in the context of the requirements of the laws on the seizure of plots and territories in Sri Lanka, as well as leads to the detection of possible hidden owners.

You are free to choose agents to verify and support the transaction according to your own criteria. In Sri Lanka, there are enough real estate agencies with a huge amount of land and real estate in the list of offers. But ask yourself a question: does the quality of each lot check guaranteed in the list of Proposals with such a great choice? How thoroughly the object that interested you was checked?

What We Offer To You
So, you intend to purchase a plot of land for construction or finished property in Sri Lanka. Lankarus is ready to help you in the following objects of this goal:

• Search for a land or finished Property in Sri Lanka
• Verification of the owner's documents and the history of ownership of the land / structure (we speak Sinhalese!)
• Interpretors services and written translations into / from Sinhalese
• Preparation of legal documentation and conclusion of the purchase-sale transaction
• Legal support and advice at any stage of the deed
• Complete state registration of your property rights
• Development and approval of the Construction Plan
• Selection of a construction company for the erecting of your hotel, house, villa, cottage.
• Construction audit
• Further counseling and support by lawyers, secretaries and translators / interpretors from Sinhalese

Dear Sellers of Land and Real Estate in Sri Lanka!
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