Kahandawa Purana Rajamaha Viharaya

Kahandawa Purana Rajamaha Viharaya is an ancient Buddhist temple located in the Kahandava district in Rekawa, on the way TissamaharamaTangalle . The temple belongs to the department of the secretariat of the Tangalle district.
Vihara goes back to the early period Anuradhapura. This is evidenced by the inscriptions on the old Sinhalese language, carved into stone on the Brahmi alphabets, found on the site of the temple. According to legends, the temple got its name from the yellow eel. As they say, the eel of yellow color was the keeper of the treasures enclosed inside the ancient temple daghoba. The rock on which the Dagobah is based still keeps three inscriptions dating back to the 2nd-3rd centuries AD.The remains and ruins in some caves of the temple indicate that Buddhist monks found shelter here during the fixed historical period of time. But recent research conducted by the Department of Archeology of Sri Lanka, proved the fact that in the caves there were also prehistoric settlements of people.

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Kahandawa Dagoba is located on top of the rock. And in addition to its historical value, it offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Rising to the top early in the morning, you can enjoy the sunrise on the east of the island. In the afternoon, visitors can see the picturesque landscapes of rural Sri Lanka — rice fields, creeks and lagoons, the tops of coconut palms and the enchanting Indian Ocean in all its glory of the South of Sri Lanka from KalamatiyaKahandamodara and RekawaTangalle. Having met the sunset on a rock, its beauty will be simply impossible to describe in words. Kahandawa — one of the most romantic places in Sri Lanka for admiring the sunsets!

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Even more about the history of the Hambantota area, where the Kahandawa Purana Rajamaha Viharaya is located, you can find out by visiting these places, hotels owned or managed by Lankarus. Exciting historical excursions in a number of priceless historical monuments of the TangalleHambantota area are available in the home region of our company.

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