Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary: Destination Is Found

An outstanding trip to your dreamland… Destination is found!

Why are we so sure? Okay, let's check it by getting just at least three positive answers to the following questions:
1. I adore summer
2. I'm always committed to the sea shore
3. I love birds' singing every morning in front of my window
4. Tropical nature and greens is what I prefer on vocations
5. Discovering exotic animals and reptiles attracts me
6. Boat fishing is my hobby
7. Comfortable accommodation for me is a must to be
8. Excursions in my mother tongue are very preferable

So, our dear friend, we are quite sure we got at least 3 + answers for this simple test. What should this mean? Very easy to explain!
You are a romantic person, who loves comfort and adventures, who values time, information and imprints from excursions. Your life is filled with bright impressions and you're at nonstop search for a newer unique destination. Are we right?

Then Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary is a must to be there for you! Why?
It's very simple! Deep south of Sri Lanka, where the sanctuary is located — a paradise land of the eternal summer just in a step distance from the Indian Ocean endless beaches. Birds can be met in a majority here, around the year, at any time, not only in the morning hours. Wetland and ponds, lagoon and tanks — all this surrounds the Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary, so that you will enjoy water enough. And besides you have a unique chance to meet most of the exotic and endemic reptiles and animals of the area. Of course, it's not a problem to arrange your boat fishing or romantic trip across the Kalamatiya lagoon. Isn't that enough?

Ah yes, to complete the picture is also easy. Let's not forget about your stay while you are here for your incredible and impressive bird and animals watching tour! Turtle Bay Boutique Hotel — the founder of the eco tours of the Deep South of Sri Lanka and it's leading provider — at any time is ready to welcome you, to accommodate and arrange the tour for you. Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary is luckily the closest nature point to Turtle Bay. To enlarge your impression about local nature we offer you very cozy and full privacy accommodation at The Islander Beach Villa in Kahandamodara, a place of wonders — lagoon, salty lake, virgin beach, green and fragrant fields, and thousands of bewitching coconuts. Besides, if you book at least 4 nights stay at The Islander Beach Villa you will enjoy your Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary for free!

Not enough reasons, any doubts?
Feel free! For any questions of yours we are here for you!

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