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Dear friends!

Have you already planned your holiday in Sri Lanka? Or maybe you are planning a long-term stay in Sri Lanka for business purposes?
Undoubtedly, acquaintance with literature about the country, as part of the culture and mentality of the Lankan people, will be very useful even before the trip.
Or, maybe you seriously thought about mastering one of the most ancient, difficult but beautiful languages of the world — Sinhala?
Then this literature is for you!
The collection will be constantly updated.

Download, read, study yourself and share with friends.

Lankalogy and Sinhalistics literature for download:
(in different languages)

Sinhala-Russian Dictionary, 1970 (DjVu) (in Russian)
Compilers: Belkovich A.A., Vykhukhalev V.V., Moscow: Soviet Encyclopedia, 1970. 824 pages.
This Sinhalese-Russian dictionary contains the most common vocabulary of the modern Sinhalese language (about 37,000 words and phrases) and can serve as a tool for translators and students, for reading the press, for artistic and socio-political literature. The dictionary contains a grammatical outline of the literary Sinhalese language, giving only some elements of colloquial forms. The essay will be useful for beginners to learn the language independently or under the guidance of a mentor, as a reference guide.

Self-trainer of Sinhalese, 1977 (pdf) (in Russian)
Belkovich A.A. Self-trainer of Sinhalese. — Moscow: Publishing house «International Relations», 1977. — 214 pages.
Self-trainer is intended for independent study of the literary Sinhalese language and a number of grammatical forms of the spoken language within the limits that allow you to read and translate simple texts with a dictionary and explain themselves in a number of everyday topics. The self-teacher consists of 20 lessons and is equipped with a pourochnyy thematic dictionary. It is recommended for beginners to learn the language both independently and under the guidance of a mentor.

Minor Folks of South Asia, 1978 (pdf) (in Russian)
The collection contains articles in which an ethnographic description of the main small peoples of the countries of South Asia is given. The position of different ethnocultural groups is reflected in the conditions of modern states (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka), in whose territory some or other small nations are settled.

Colombo City Guide. In Russian language, illustrated (pdf) (in Russian)

Royston Ellis, Maldives, 2010 (pdf) (in Russian)
In this guide you will find materials about the entire Maldives archipelago, including new resorts. Palm fever, passport check and local adverbs — this guide will help you understand all the nuances and spend a vacation in a tropical paradise with benefit and pleasure. 2010 year, 272 pages

Fairytales of Lanka. Ian Filipski, Slovart Publishers, 208 pages, 1984 (DjVu) (in Russian)
The culture of Sinhalese, of course, is closely connected with Indian roots, but it can not be denied in any way in specificity and originality. This is evidenced not only by music and dancing, fine arts and literature, in which all the influences introduced are transformed into their own, very original synthesis, but also oral folk traditions. As in the Indian epic, in the Sinhala folklore, a special role is assigned to the terrible demons-rakshasas, none of the heroes can not avoid the inevitability of fate and above all else, scholarship is valued above all else. However, the unique atmosphere of the stories described in the book, as well as the folk wisdom contained in them, is all the result of the peculiarity of the thinking of the Sinhalese, their national perception of the world around them.

The Art. Sri Lanka. 1974 (pdf) (in Russian)
Tyuliaev S.I. and Bongard-Levin G.M., Moscow, «Art» Publishing House. 205 pages with illustrations.
Essays on the history and theory of the fine arts. This edition of «Essays» is devoted to the remarkable art of the island of Ceylon (renamed in 1972 in the island of Sri Lanka). This interesting topic for the first time finds a detailed reflection in our literature. The book is designed for attention of both specialists and the widest reader. The art of Sri Lanka rightfully occupies one of the places of honor in the art of the East, and many of its monuments constitute the golden fund of world culture. Already in the era of distant antiquity Sri Lanka, this pearl of Asia, was well known both in the ancient world and the Far East. The wealth of Taproban was known to the warriors of Alexander of Macedon, and Roman merchants led a brisk trade with the island. During the Middle Ages, the glory of the «lion island» was spread across many countries of the Middle East.

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