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Development of the Internet in Sri Lanka is moving at a rapid pace, including 4G coverage island wide.
At present, the coverage level of broadband and wireless Internet networks by various mobile operators has reached significant levels, and is boldly competing with the level of development and prevalence of the Internet with neighboring countries in Asia.

As a rule, tourists arriving in Sri Lanka prefer to use the services of mobile operators, in packages of offers, in addition to calls and SMS, an option of using the Internet is also included, that is, one SIM card is bifunctional.
Lankarus customers prefer to connect tourist SIM cards with a validity period of 30 days. As a rule, such cards are provided with a local phone number in Sri Lanka, they include various packages of welcome services (for example, free sms inside the country or abroad calls) at different times of the campaign, as well as a package for accessing and using the Internet. By connecting just one number, you can both call and use Internet.

Guests of Lankarus note quite low rates for cellular communication with their homeland. This allows you to significantly reduce the cost of mobile and Internet communications, while traveling in Sri Lanka. In addition, you do not need to take care of roaming by coming to our country. Using a SIM card of your own country will cost you much expensiver.
In this regard, we recommend that you connect for the duration of your trip to the services of one of our local mobile operators. In our experience, guests prefer the offers of Dialog, Mobitel, Airtel or Hutch. Please see the terms and tariffs, and the choice is yours!

Internet of Sri Lanka is fairly transparent in terms of obtaining absolutely any tourist information, as well as information from the resources of government, government services and institutions. Sri Lanka is often cited as an example of openness for receiving any information about the functioning of state bodies, institutions and power structures. You will easily be convinced of this if you set a goal to obtain any detailed information on the topic of your interest, which is related to the work of the governmental and public sector.
You will easily find portals of services and information of almost all ministries and departments. Informing citizens of Sri Lanka, as well as transparency for foreign partners and island guests, is one of the positive specific features of the attitude to information in Sri Lanka. This is part of the declared rights and freedoms of citizens.

Internet of Sri Lanka is practically not censored, however, we strongly recommend that you adhere to established rules and norms of conduct, respect for local customs, religion, culture and traditions. We do not recommend viewing or publicly demonstrating a video from the Internet, containing scenes of violence, as well as content of an intimate nature. Please, try to exclude also public listening of music containing texts with double meaning or with obscene vocabulary. This will help to avoid misunderstanding of others and exclude the embarrassment of local residents.

In connection with the tremendous opportunities of the Internet, it is difficult for us to isolate any specific resources that could be useful while traveling just for you .
However, please refer to our links if you are interested in replenishing your knowledge of Sri Lanka before and during your trip around the country.

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Emergency — 120

Fire brigade — 122
Police — 133

First Aid — 1990

Tourist police — 11 2433744

The main hospital Colombo — 11 2686143, 11 2691111

Immigration and emigration department — 11 2436353, 11 2436367

Colombo Airport (Katunayake) — 11 2252861, 11 2255555

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