Visa to Sri Lanka

Visa to Sri Lanka for citizens of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other states of the world is easy to get.
Please see the step-by-step instructions for completing the visa application and receiving confirmation of your email address

Go to the website for obtaining an electronic permission to enter Sri Lanka:
• After reading the data processing conditions, click "I agree"
By doing this, you confirm that you have a return ticket and enough money to stay in Sri Lanka


Go to the direct filling of the visa application form:


On the left of the Tourist ETA menu, select Apply for an Individual or Apply for a Group (If you are 2 or more, and you will pay visa/-s with 1 card).


Fields marked with the red star are required . The remaining fields are optional, but are recommended to fill.

Intended Arrival Date
Port of Departure
Flight/Vessel Number (Fill in the same as in your ticket)
Purpose of visit (Type: Travelling)
Address line 1
Zip/Postal Code
Telephone Number
Mobile Number
Fax Number
Email Address (Valid e-mail address for obtaining confirmation or other decision on issuing an electronic entry authorization)
Address in Sri Lanka (Address in Sri Lanka. Enter the address of the hotel booked at Lankarus Lanka Private Limited)


Surname/Family Name
Other Given Names
Date of Birth
Country of Birth (Country of birth as mentioned in your passport)
Country of Address
Passport Number (Passport ID. No spaces or symbols. Only digits)
Passport Issued Date
Passport Expiry Date


Child Information in Parent’s Passport
Surname/Family Name
Other/Given Names
Date of Birth

1. Do you have a residence visa to Sri Lanka?
2. Are you currently in Sri Lanka with a valid ETA or obtained an extension of Visa?
3. Do you have a multiple entry visa to Sri Lanka?

I would like to confirm the above information is correct


Child information in parent’s passport
Fill it in if you have children who are registered in your passport and have not reached the age of 16 if they do not have their own passport.

Everywhere, put a negative answer , if you do not currently have a valid visa for Sri Lanka of any kind.

If you selected Apply for a Group at the beginning of the filling, then click Add member, and fill in the data.

Check whether the questionnaire is completed correctly
If all is correct, then go to payment. All cards are valid for payment by Visa and Master Card, as well as other cards with the ability to make international payments. The cost of a visa permit for sitizens of different countries is different and variates normaly from 30$ to 50$ . Children under 16 years of age do not pay for the service .

Notifications to your email
Immediately after payment, a notice must be sent to your email address, which contains confirmation of payment and notice the preparation of an electronic entry authorization has begun.
From the notification Your reference number is… (Identification number of your application), you can copy the number and check the status of authorization processing by reference. Approval takes place within 24 hours. However, in practice, this happens much faster — in a matter of minutes.


Since the system is automated, in most cases, following the first one, the next notification comes about the decision to issue an electronic permission to enter Sri Lanka.


The notice must indicate:

Valid 30 days ONLY (use before DD / MM / YYYY)
Valid ONLY 30 days (Use up to date / month / year)
Entry Type: Double (Allowed within 30 days after the initial entry)

When ordering visa for several people, an electronic notification comes for each member of the group.
Print out your permission to enter Sri Lanka. Show it to the border guard when passing through passport control at the airport of Colombo or Mattala if requested by officer. This permit is the basis for pasting a visa to your passport on arrival.
During border controls, attach a Arrival Card, completed in block letters in English, to the passport and the electronic entry authorization. The Arrival Card will be offered to you on board the aircraft during the flight or you can get the Card on the passport control desk


1. Flight No./Ship Name
2. Passport No.
3. Nationality
4. Name with initials (Fill in the same as in your passport)
5. Put the mark No
6. Address in Sri Lanka (Mandatory). Specify the same address as in the application for issuing an electronic entry / visa authorization
7. No. of accompanying children
(Fill separate cards)
8. First port of embarkation Specify the airport within the single route ticket from which you made your first flight (for example, if you departed from Berlin or Amsterdam to Dubai on a connecting flight to Sri Lanka, then specify Berlin / Amsterdam)
9. Purpose of visit. Please Tick (V)
Date day/month/year Your signature

After passing through all the procedures in your passport, you will be stuck with a visa


The issued visa can be extended at the Department of Immigration and Emmigration in Colombo
If you wish to stay in Sri Lanka for longer than 30 days, then you need to apply for a visa extension. You can do this immediately after entering the country or any other day within your 30-day stay (except holidays and weekends).
To extend your visa, only your passport, photos and money is required. The photo can also be made directly in the Department of Immigration and Emigration, the questionnaire will also be issued on the spot. You can download and fill in the application form in advance following the link of Department of Immigration and Emigration in the Visa section.
Ask beforehand the amount of payment for a visa for 60 days for citizens of your country.

Address: 41, Ananda Rajakaruna Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 115329000


Go to filling out an application for an entry permit / visa

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