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Kasagala Rajamaha Vihara

In the chain of the Ruhuna Pearls there is one that represents the highest historical and cultural interest for researchers of the heritage of ancient Lanka.
Kasagala Rajamaha Vihara which is belonged to the area of Angunakolapelessa is situated about 9.6 km away from Ranna Junction on Weeraketiya-Ranna road. This temple has been constructed in the era of Anuradhapura and ruled by various kings. The temple possesses a land area containing in extent about Five thousand acres. This name of the temple Kasagala was created due to drying robes of the monks on stones. Almost everywhere in the temple granite can be seen.

The Legacy of Ancient Kalinga in Sri Lanka

To write about the direct communication of the Sinhalese with Ancient India, or rather — with its northeastern and northwestern territories and then kingdoms — was my long-standing idea, and the impetus for the final collection of large material and its clamping up to the scope of this introductory article in the blog was an entirely ordinary case in late February 2018. I was on my bus way from a small town Ranna to Tangalle , and an elderly British gentleman, admiring the shoulder to me, his fellow traveler, the beauty of the design and the variegated coloring of Sri Lankan buses.

— Even the name of the express is beautiful, poetic some! Kalinga!
— This is not just a beautiful name, but the memory of a very significant historical era and interconnection with India, from where the Sinhalese settlers came to Sri Lanka. As far as I can, I'll try to tell you a story…

Of course, 20 minutes on the way passed quickly, and I just started the main events. But then the bus station loomed behind the bus window. I said goodbye to my new friend Ethan, who took the floor from me, that I am still at least brief, but I'll write about the history of the emergence of a whole nation on this sunny island, which came from that distant Kalinga.

Changes in Sri Lanka Visa Regulations

At the moment, a government policy to promote both domestic and foreign investment to the development of Sri Lanka is being carried out by the government. In parallel to this policy, proposals have now been made to update the present visa system. On the request of qualified foreign nationals, Visit Visa, Residence Visa and Transit Visa are issued at present.

The Cabinet of Economic Management has recommended to revise the existing visas and the charges levied therein and to levy US $ visas from Sri Lankan Rupees. Accordingly, the proposals by the section 14 of the Immigrant and Emigration Act No. 20 of 1948 as amended in accordance with the relevant regulations, including the following aspects of visa issuance, are hereby amended in accordance with the relevant Regulations. The proposals made by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Wayamba, Development and Cultural Affairs Mr. SB Vinninna has been approved.

Proven Property in Sri Lanka

As we have previously underlined, the specificity of Sri Lanka lies in the fact that the country does not have a single register of land plots, and there is no standard document confirming the cleanliness of a site. In each province of Sri Lanka, there is a branch of the land register, which is responsible only for a particular region. For example, if you want to purchase aland or a property in the Tangalle area, then you need to check the legal status of the site or building in Tangalle. The marking of storage in the office of the registration document, as a rule, is indicated only in the Sinhalese documentation. For foreigners, this is a certain complexity. Firstly, not all property owners are ready to provide transparent information about the place of storage of the history of the land plot and its fixation in the so-called Paththiru. And even if you can get close to the records, you can hardly read them. In any case, these issues are dealt with by lawyers and lawyers of our company independently, excluding your worries and time in this matter. In addition, at the preliminary stage of site selection and negotiations with its owner (-s) we are present at all stages, as the executives of or company speak Sinhala.

Naththal - Sri Lankan Christmas

Millions of Christians around the world are waiting for Christmas, as one of the greatest and most culminating holidays of the whole year. If the Europeans are preparing for the main celebration of the Christian calendar for a month before the offensive, marking every Saturday Advent, until December 24, then in tropical Sri Lanka, where Christian communities are represented by several concessions, everything looks even more exotic and colorful.
Western and the south-westen coasts of the island are mostly populated by Christians, or at least in every town there is a church or a Christian parish. Arriving, for example, to Negombo in the third decade of December, you find yourself in a true fairy tale in which it is even hard to believe: a majestic Indian Ocean, thousands of coconut palms and lush tropical vegetation… but everywhere Catholic, Protestant, Baptist temples and churches, the courtyards and facades of which are rich and with Asian flavor decorated with illumination, figures on topics of biblical stories with the stories of the Jesus birth. In combination with monuments period Portuguese and Dutch colonization in excellent preservation it is difficult match. Southern Europe in miniature almost at the equator!

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